Influencer Tammy Hembrow channels Kim Kardashian in viral photo shoot

Remember when Kim Kardashian “broke the internet” by putting a glass of champagne on her butt?

Well, Australian fitness mogul Tammy Hembrow has also caused a stir with her latest photoshoot to promote her “Tammy Fit” app.

The 28-year-old shared a clip of herself backstage wearing a racy metallic silver leotard that showed off her toned behind and a pair of matching wedge heels.

She was seen on all fours, one foot raised as she balanced a platter of oysters on the sole of her shoe.

“Not only is there a new challenge starting January @tammyhembrowfitness, but we also have so many new recipes coming to the app, including my FAVE oyster mignonette,” she captioned the clip.

The video has already been viewed millions of times with fans comparing it to Kim Kardashian’s Paper magazine cover in 2014.

“It’s better than the Kim K champagne shoot,” one follower commented.

“Tammy won!” on Kim K’s champagne butt,” another wrote, while a third said, “Giving Kim K champagne vibes.”

Fans have compared Tammy Hembrow’s shoot to Kim Kardashian’s several years ago.

One fan described it as “strange”, but said it was still “good publicity”.

“Slightly overdone photo shoot; buuuut you are my favorite fitness influencer and mom,” another fan wrote.

“WOW that’s crazy!!!!” said a third, while a chef and food photographer described it as “unnecessarily extra”.

However, although some expressed aversion to the shoot, many backed the Gold Coast influencer, calling it “amazing”.

This 2014 Paper Magazine cover featuring Kim Kardashian “broke the internet” at the time.
Jean-Paul Goude/Paper

The mother-of-three – who has nearly 16 million Instagram followers – not only owns a successful fitness app, but also owns her own sportswear brand, Saski.

In September of this year, Hembrow graced the digital cover of Forbes Australiainaugural number alongside her newborn daughter Posy Poole.

“Posy’s first Forbes shoot. The first issue of @forbesaustralia is out NOW. How special to be a part of this,” she wrote.

The model was balancing a platter of oysters on her shoes.
The model was balancing a platter of oysters on her shoes.

Hembrow, who has an estimated net worth of $38 million, said Forbes in the accompanying story that she has “always had that entrepreneurial spirit”.

“From an early age, I wanted to be my own boss. I would never see myself working under anyone else,” she said.

She said after the birth of her son Wolf in 2014: “I had a lot of people on my ears… saying, ‘Oh, your life will be over. Your body will never be the same again.

She added: “And it kind of made me want to share it even more to prove everyone wrong. I’m still going to be successful, I’m still gonna be fit in the gym, I’m still gonna have a life. unbelievable. Just look at me.”

Hembrow was one of 10 Australian designers scouted by Forbes as part of the “new wave of entrepreneurs”.

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