Is Steph Curry playing tonight against the Kings? Sacramento Kings vs Golden State Warriors injury report, expected roster and more


  • The Golden State Warriors take on the Sacramento Kings tonight as part of the play-in tournament.
  • Steph Curry looks healthy for this game.

With the 2023-2024 NBA season finally coming to an end, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors will face De’Aaron PKB and the Sacramento Kings in a play-in matchup. This season has not gone particularly well for either side. The Kings and Warriors have identical records of 46 wins and 36 losses, placing them 9th and 10th in the Western Conference.

That means both teams will face off in a single elimination format to advance through the play-in tournament and hopefully secure the 8th spot. As the Warriors and Kings prepare to put their seasons on the line for this high-stakes game, one might want to know more about the injury reports and expected rosters for both sides. Additionally, a prediction will be made about the outcome of this matchup.

Steph Curry looks healthy for tonight’s Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings game

Warriors fans are probably relieved to hear that Steph Curry is healthy for this game against the Kings. Despite the struggles the Golden State Warriors have faced this season, there’s no denying that Curry remains the best player on the roster and keeps the team in contention for a spot in the postseason.

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While Curry looks good going into this highly anticipated matchup against the Kings, the same cannot be said of the players on either side. That said, here’s the full injury report and expected list for tonight’s Warriors-Kings playoff game.

Golden State Warriors injury report

Golden State Warriors Expected List

  • Steph Curry
  • Clay Thompson
  • Draymond Green
  • Jonathan Cuminga
  • Trace Jackson-Davis

Sacramento Kings Injury Report

As fans can tell, both sides are dealing with a few injuries. However, it’s clear that the Kings are even worse off as integral members of their roster such as Malik Monk and Kevin Hueter are not expected to play in this must-win game. Be that as it may, here are predictions on which team is expected to emerge victorious.

Can the Warriors eliminate the Kings and move one step closer to the playoffs?

Some fans will remember that the Warriors and Kings have a recent rivalry. After all, the two teams met in the first round match last season. The series went to 7 games and the Warriors eventually prevailed, led by an incredible scoring performance from Steph Curry.

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The Warriors star will need another impressive game if he wants to keep his team in contention for a playoff berth. GSW is more experienced and acclaimed than Kings. Since Sacramento holds home-court advantage for this matchup, it is expected to be very close and could go either way.

Still, the Golden State Warriors are slightly favored over the Sacramento Kings and are expected to eliminate them tonight.

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