“It’s liberating”: New Brunswick mother of 7 shares her tips for planning budget-friendly meals – New Brunswick

In a country where the cost of groceries continues to rise, a determined mother from New Brunswick has taken it upon herself to help families across Canada learn how to eat well on a limited budget.

“Grocery prices are ridiculous and they have definitely skyrocketed,” said Katie Peterson of Rothesay, New Brunswick, who started the Facebook group “Frugalicious Meals” several years ago.

As government officials pledge to combat soaring food prices, this mother of seven releases meal planning tips to offer support to Canadian families struggling to pay their food bill monthly grocery store.

“I’m just trying to help people eat what they want on a budget,” Peterson said.

The stay-at-home mother has a degree in nutrition. Through her Facebook and Instagram platforms, she shares valuable tips and tricks on how to reduce your monthly food expenses. She says meal planning is key.

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“The very first thing I recommend people do when planning meals is to create a collection of recipes,” Peterson said.

With nine hungry mouths to feed, she carefully plans her spring and summer then fall and winter menus, made up of 80 recipes that will accompany her family throughout the seasons. This approach allows her to purchase ingredients when they are on sale or in bulk, saving money and reducing stress.

“It means I don’t waste a lot of food and I don’t go to the store trying to think of things I want. (Without) that mental load, it’s liberating,” she said.

Members of his meal planning group, spread across Canada and the United States, share recipe ideas and tips on how to save money on food, Peterson said.

“When using ground beef, you can add black beans. Just crush them a little bit and it works great, especially on taco nights,” she said.

“Frugalicious Meals” members like Kelly Willington of Red Deer County, Alta., said the group helped her family save money at the register.

“She also gives you inspiration for school lunches, dinners and breakfasts and how to make meals just fun but also doable,” Willington said.

Peterson said eating well on a budget is possible and can be a “delicious adventure.”

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