It’s still unclear when Canadians stuck in Gaza will be able to leave – National

Canadians still stuck in the Gaza Strip are still waiting for their chance to cross the Egyptian border.

Saturday’s list from the General Authority for Crossings and Borders in Gaza did not contain any Canadians, further delaying the possibility of leaving the territory through the Rafah border crossing.

On Friday, Global Affairs Canada said 376 Canadians, permanent residents and their relatives were able to leave the Palestinian territory via Rafah.

The department said Wednesday it was in contact with 386 people still in Gaza.

The United Nations was forced on Friday to stop deliveries of food and other essentials to Gaza and warned of the growing risk of widespread famine after internet and phone services collapsed due to lack of fuel.

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Israel said it would allow two fuel tankers into Gaza daily for the United Nations and communications, although that would be half of what the United Nations said it needed for vital functions such as powering water systems, hospitals, bakeries and trucks. provide help.

Also Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Israeli military actions in the Gaza Strip were making it more difficult to achieve long-term stability in the region.

Trudeau, speaking to reporters at the APEC summit in San Francisco, also reiterated his call for Israel to exercise “maximum restraint” in protecting civilian life.

The latest conflict between Israel and Hamas began on October 7, when Israel says militants k**led 1,200 people in surprise attacks.

Israel responded with a campaign of airstrikes and cut off food, fuel, water and supplies to Gaza. Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry said more than 11,470 people had been k**led and another 2,700 were missing.

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