Jalen Rose says he didn’t shade Stephen A. Smith over Cowboys trolling

A sports media saga took an unexpected turn on Tuesday.

Jalen Rose has hit out at media personalities making hay while trolling the Dallas Cowboys, following their playoff loss to the 49ers. Many people who saw the tweets believed they were directed at Rose’s ESPN colleague Stephen A. Smith.

“I’m so glad I didn’t have a career in content pretending to troll the Cowboys,” Rose tweeted Monday. “Praying for the public to be stupid/lazy and fruit at hand.”

If anyone’s been dragging the Cowboys, it’s Smith, who’s been doing it tirelessly for years. It’s an annual tradition for him to spend the whole season predicting their demise before reveling in it. During Monday’s “first take,” Smith wore his big cowboy hat and launched the team’s helpless offense against San Francisco in the face of Michael Irvin.

Stephen A. Smith and Jalen Rose at the 2022 NBA draft.
NBAE via Getty Images

Rose, who hosts the Post’s “Renaissance Main” podcast, and Smith are colleagues on ESPN’s NBA studio team.

In a subsequent response to a tweet telling her to name names, Rose claimed it was general rather than specific.

“No @ [names] needed,” Rose tweeted. “Damn almost every show selling clowns like it’s premium content. You are an imbecile.

Jalen Rose claims he wasn't going after Stephen A. Smith for Cowboys trolling.
Jalen Rose claims he wasn’t going after Stephen A. Smith for Cowboys trolling.
Twitter / Jalen Rose

Later, Rose indicated that he wasn’t going after Smith, but Smith’s former “First Take” partner, Skip Bayless.

“He’s my brother and that’s not accurate. If anything it was for Mr. 1.4ppg playing JV as a junior,” Rose tweeted, referencing a time when he tore the Bayless’ basketball talent on television.

Bayless, who shared a video of himself throwing away Dak Prescott’s jersey in disgust on Sunday night, is actually a die-hard Cowboys fan. There’s nothing he’d love more than to break up the Cowboys’ wins, but success has been difficult for the franchise in the playoffs since the days of Irvin, Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith.

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