Jason Wahler’s 1-year-old son Wyatt hospitalized with pneumonia over Christmas

Jason Wahler and Ashley Wahler spent Christmas in the hospital as their son, Wyatt, battled pneumonia.

“Well, not the Christmas we were expecting,” the hairstylist told her Instagram followers on Monday.

After Wyatt and his sister Delilah, 5, battled what their parents “thought was a normal cold”, the one-year-old “got the worst of Christmas mornings”.

The little one had a “high fever” and was “very lethargic”, said Ashley, 33.

“Turns out he has pneumonia, so we spent the night at the children’s hospital continuing to give him oxygen for his breathing,” she continued. “This guy is a trouper!!!! He was so brave and Children’s Hospital was above and beyond even giving us our own tree to decorate.

Ashley Wahler called the one-year-old a “trooper”.

Jason Wahler, son Wyatt and daughter Delilah spend Christmas in hospital

Ashley Wahler called the one-year-old a “trooper”.


Jason Wahler's Son Wyatt Spends Christmas in Hospital

Ashley Wahler called the one-year-old a “trooper”.

Jason Wahler's son Wyatt smiles in plaid

Ashley Wahler called the one-year-old a “trooper”.


The “Hills: New Beginnings” alum concluded that she and Jason, 35, are now home with their two children.

“Wyatt is… on the mend with lots of hugs,” she gushed.

Jason Wahler's Son Wyatt Receives Oxygen Treatment
Wyatt is now “on the mend”.
Instagram/Ashley Wahler

Jason shared sweet footage of Wyatt dancing in his car seat to Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” during a car ride.

Ashley reposted the video, writing that they’re both “grateful he’s on the mend.”

Jason Wahler and Ashley Wahler go for a drive with their daughter Delilah

The couple are also the parents of daughter Delilah.

Jason Wahler's son, Wyatt, and daughter, Delilah, snuggle up for a photo

The couple are also the parents of daughter Delilah.


She and the “Laguna Beach” alum welcomed their baby boy in June 2021, nearly four years after Delilah was born.

The duo, who wed in October 2013, have spoken candidly over the years about maintaining a strong marriage amid Jason’s sobriety struggles.

Jason Wahler, Stephen Colletti and Lauren Conrad pose for a photo
Jason is best known for his time on “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach”.

Quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic has played a “very, very powerful role” in their current dynamic, the actor exclusively told Page Six in May.

“The [were] a lot of underlying issues that needed to be fixed,” Jason explained at the time, noting that there was “no communication…not there” before the lockdown.

“It gave us the opportunity to really focus on ourselves and our relationship and take the necessary steps that we needed to do,” he added. “We had hellish years. But we’re here today and it’s been really, really good.


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