Justice Department sues Google for antitrust violations

The Justice Department and eight states have filed suit against Google, Alphabet’s search engine, for allegedly monopolizing the digital advertising market.

“Google is abusing its monopoly power to disadvantage website publishers and advertisers who dare to use competing ad technology products in the search for higher quality or lower cost matches,” the Justice Department alleged in its statement. case in federal court in Virginia.

New York, California, Virginia and Colorado were among the states that signed the lawsuit, which is aimed at breaking up Google’s huge ad business.

The lawsuit states that “Google thwarted meaningful competition and deterred innovation in the digital advertising industry, took supercompetitive profits for itself, prevented the free market from operating fairly to support the interests of advertisers and publishers that make today’s mighty Internet possible.

The Post has sought comment from Google.

Google’s advertising business is responsible for around 80% of its revenue. This year alone, Google expects to generate $73.8 billion in digital ad revenue.

Google shares fell 1.3% after the lawsuit was filed.

This is the first time the Biden administration has faced off against a tech giant.

The Justice Department under then-President Donald Trump sued Google for allegedly using exclusivity agreements with mobile carriers and phone makers to exclude competitors from its search engine. research. The case is due to go to trial in September.

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