Kevin Costner’s ex-wife Christine Baumgartner moves into $40,000-a-month rent after losing child support offer

Christine Baumgartner has found herself in luxurious accommodations, even though she feels they are not up to par.

Kevin Costner’s ex-wife moved into a $40,000-a-month rental home in Montecito, California on Friday after losing her claim for increased child support, the Daily Mail reported on Monday.

The four-bedroom property sits on an acre of grounds and has a swimming pool, jacuzzi and manicured gardens, and leads to wooded walking trails.

However, during her court testimony, Baumgartner complained that the rental was not comparable to Costner’s waterfront estate, which she and their children have grown accustomed to.

The 49-year-old former model complained that although her rental includes a pool house and guest quarters, visitors “should enter [to the main house] to use the shower.

The new digs are located in Montecito, California, and include a swimming pool and hot tub.
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aerial view of a house in montecito
The former handbag designer complained in court that her new residence was not “comparable” to Costner’s waterfront estate.
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aerial view of a house
One of his complaints was that the guest rooms did not include a shower, which meant that visitors had to come and bathe in the main house.
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She also noted that her sons, Caden, 16, and Hayes, 14, would have to share a bathroom while her daughter, Grace, 13, would share hers “with the house”.

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When the ‘Yellowstone’ star, 68, and Baumgartner’s divorce proceedings began, she asked for more than $175,000 in child support, an increase of $46,000 from what he had poured.

Kevin Costner, Christine Baumgartner and their children on a red carpet
A judge ruled Friday that Costner would pay $63,000 a month in child support instead of the $160,000 and more Baumgartner wanted.
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However, the former handbag designer’s attorney, John Rydell, later said he and his client were reducing the requested amount to $161,592 per month following an updated valuation by a forensic accountant.

Despite Baumgartner’s decrease, the amount was still a far cry from Costner’s proposal of $60,000 per month, which she felt was insufficient to maintain the status quo.

“Because the children take private planes to go on luxury vacations when they are with their father, the Family Code requires Kevin to pay sufficient child support to Christine so that the children can enjoy comparable vacations when they are with her,” she said. the lawyers said in a brief.

Christine Baumgartner and Kevin Costner canoodling on the red carpet
“It’s a horrible place, but that’s where we are,” the ‘Yellowstone’ star said after the judgment.
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Following the judge’s decision to ask the ‘Field of Dreams’ star to pay $63,000 a month in child support, Costner said he still has love for his estranged wife despite the twist acrimony that their separation had taken.

“It’s a horrible place, but that’s where we are,” he told ‘Access Hollywood’ after winning child support on Friday.

“It’s so distressing,” he said outside the courtroom. “We’re talking about someone I love on the other side. I just can’t.

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