Kingstonians of all ages come together for climate rallies – Kingston

Some of the biggest climate action groups in Kingston and the surrounding region gathered today for a protest on the Queen’s University campus.

Queen’s Backing Action on Climate Change (QBACC) has teamed up with Seniors for Climate Action Now (SCAN) to host a joint event aimed at spurring action against the use of fossil fuels.

“Since the signing of the Paris Accords in 2016, Canada’s big five banks have invested $1.1 trillion in fossil fuels and show no signs of slowing down,” said Siena Margorian, co-chair of the QBACC.

“Fossil fuels are the main cause of the carbon problems we face today,” added SCAN member Judith Wyatt.

Both groups say working together has greatly contributed to their message and goals.

“We can learn a lot from our elders, many of them have been involved in activism for decades, so there is a lot to learn from them,” Margorian said of the partnership.

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“The QBACC students have been wonderful allies. They come to our protests, they have supported us in many ways,” Wyatt said.

The groups are simultaneously calling on all of Canada’s largest fossil fuel investors to cut spending and invest in clean, renewable energy.

Not far away, at St. Paul Catholic School, students gathered the same day for the same cause.

A school-wide climate rally was organized and hosted by a handful of the school’s seventh and eighth graders to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

“Everyone had a role, but I was really focused on making most of the signs and helping with a theater number we did at an a*sembly,” said student Seb Tremblay. seventh grade.

Students, accompanied by handmade signs, marched around the school, chanting calls for action against the climate crisis.

“We need to act as soon as possible because this is going to create a lot of destruction,” added eighth-grader Erin Olding.

So whether you’re young, old or somewhere in between, it seems there’s a place for everyone in Kingston’s fight against climate change.

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