Kyle Richards reveals secret to weight loss after Ozempic denial

“When you’re the real deal, you don’t have to pretend.”

Kyle Richards has revealed that it was diet and exercise that helped her lose weight following rumors that she was using Ozempic to do so.

“After gaining weight over the summer – July 15 – after getting off the boat, I said ‘That’s it. I have no sugar, no carbs, no booze,” the 54-year-old actress told fellow “Housewives” Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge on Monday’s episode of “Two Ts In A Pod. “.

“A lot of people think I took Ozempic. To clarify, I’ve never taken Ozempic,” Richards clarified, referring to the diabetes drug used by many for weight loss.

She also noted that she also does not use Mounjaro, a similar diabetes drug used for weight loss, or “one of the hits” like Wegovy or Saxenda.

Kyle Richards at the gym
She decided to cut out sugar, carbohydrates and alcohol in the summer of 2022.

As for her sudden body transformation, the ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star explained that she was only going to cut back on sugar, carbs and alcohol for “maybe two or three weeks.” However, she changed her mind when she noticed the benefits of her new lifestyle.

“I started losing weight and I felt so good. I was like ‘why should I go back to this?’ Richards shared, “So I still haven’t had any alcohol at all, and you know, I’ll take a bite of birthday cake here and there but that’s it.”

Amid rumors that she may have had surgery to help her lose weight, the ‘Halloween Ends’ actress also explained that she only had breast reduction surgery.

“I had a breast reduction. I wanted a tummy tuck because of the skin from having four babies, the excess skin,” she told Mellencamp and Judge. “Because no matter how hard you train, you’ll still have that skin, if it’s not removed.”

Mellencamp and Judge, who are fitness gurus themselves, later confirmed that Richards did not have a tummy tuck as they could not see any scars on her.

She had to shut down rumors several times that she was using drugs to lose weight.

Kyle Richards

She had to shut down rumors several times that she was using drugs to lose weight.


Just last week, the Bravo celeb was forced to shut down rumors that she was using the latest Hollywood-obsessed weight loss drug.

“I’ve never tried ozempic and it’s not plastic surgery,” Richards told fans after speculating on how she got her abs.

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