Lamar Odom crashes Mercedes-Benz after losing control of his car

Lamar Odom crashed his Mercedes-Benz into two parked cars during an early morning incident this week, TMZ reports.

The former NBA star’s rep told the outlet that Odom lost control of his vehicle while driving home from a friend’s residence in Northridge, Calif., around 3 a.m.

The incident occurred after Odom dropped his cell phone while driving. As he bent down to retrieve it, he accidentally crashed into the two vehicles parked in a neighborhood near his home.

According to TMZ, the parked vehicles were fortunately empty at the time of the accident and no injuries were reported.

The Los Angeles Police Department was called and later arrived on scene to speak with Odom.

TMZ reports that officers asked Odom if he had been drinking — prompting the former Lakers star to inform them about his sobriety and ownership of various rehab centers.

The former NBA star lost control of his vehicle and crashed into two parked cars.
Michael Zappy Zapolin

Officers did not file a police report or perform a field sobriety test on Odom.

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The owners of the parked vehicles then came out of their homes and insurance information was exchanged before Odom was taken home by his security team.

    Lamar Odom loading luggage into a vehicle
No serious injuries were caused by the accident.
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Although no injuries were reported, photos of Odom’s crashed vehicle obtained by TMZ show the 43-year-old’s Benz in a mangled state.

The fender and bumper of Odom’s vehicle were partially torn off and dented following the crash, while one of his headlights was cracked.

Page Six has reached out to Odom’s rep for further comment.

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