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Alberta’s justice minister appears at a Law Society of Alberta hearing to respond to allegations of breaches of the lawyers’ code of conduct.

The trio of allegations against Tyler Shandro stem from his tenure as Minister of Health at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The first alleges that Shandro “behaved inappropriately” when he went to a doctor’s private residence, yelling at them in an alley in March 2020. The bar says it brings discredit to the reputation of the profession.

The second citation alleges that Shandro used his privileged position as Minister of Health to access and call personal mobile phone numbers to contact members of the public outside normal working hours.


The Law Society of Alberta will hold a hearing into the conduct of former Health Minister Tyler Shandro

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And the latest allegation concerns Shandro’s response to an email sent to his wife by a member of the public. Shandro allegedly threatened to refer the person to the authorities if they did not send future emails to his office at the Department of Health, conduct “deserving sanction”.

The hearing is scheduled for three days – Tuesday through Thursday – and will be held online.

Bar hearings have representation from the regulator and allow the accused attorney to respond directly or be represented by another attorney. The onus is on the Law Society to prove misconduct to the Hearing Panel.

Similar to court proceedings, evidence, documents and witnesses may be called to support or defend claims.

Sanctions can range from expulsion for the most severe, to suspension, reprimand, the imposition of conditions for the exercise of justice or the payment of penalty payments.

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The bar code of ethics is based on two “fundamental” principles.

“First, a lawyer is expected to establish and maintain a reputation for integrity, the most important attribute of a member of the legal profession,” the code states. “Second, a lawyer’s conduct must be above reproach.”

Shandro was called to the bar of Alberta in 2005.

He was first sworn in as Minister of Health in April 2019 and resigned in September 2021. He then became Minister of Labor and Immigration and later sworn in as Minister of Justice in February 2022, after the bar announced the hearing in Shandro’s case. conduct.

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