Lil Kim ‘controlled’ heavily edited magazine cover: photographer Ebony

Lil Kim reportedly took the lead in her highly scrutinized Ebony magazine cover photo shoot.

The magazine’s director of photography, Keith Major, addressed the heavily photoshopped image on Monday after fans questioned who took the viral photo.

“Man, she wanted control over the edits, so that’s what we got,” he wrote on Instagram.

Fans had speculated that the “Lady Marmalade” rapper was responsible for approving the unrecognizable photo.

“I knew the Lil Kim Ebony cover was her work and not the magazine,” one fan wrote.

“I literally said that because if you go to her page that’s what she likes,” another added.

Ebony cinematographer Keith Major has set the record straight regarding the rapper’s heavily edited cover photo shoot.

“Smh people are blaming Ebony for these pics like surely Lil Kim doesn’t approve of them,” a third person tweeted.

“They weren’t the ones who confirmed that Lil Kim controlled the writing of the Ebony magazine cover,” a fourth user wrote.

As Page Six previously reported, fans were taken aback when Ebony posted the cover earlier this month, which showed Kim, 49, sitting down in a pink silk dress.

A screenshot of Keith Major's Instagram comment.
“Man, she wanted control over the edits, so that’s what we got,” he wrote on Instagram on Monday.

“This edit is so bad I thought it was the AI. Someone please tell me this is the case. QUICKLY,” one reviewer tweeted.

“Now Ebony knows they need their a*s screamed. Why did they make Kimberly look like AI?,” added another.

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Kim’s change in look has been a topic of discussion for years.

Lil Kim.
Kim’s ever-changing appearance has been a topic of discussion for years.
Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

In a 2005 interview, the “Magic Stick” host opened up about having plastic surgery after being physically a*saulted by her ex-boyfriend.

“I had a black eye, bloody lips, a bruised nose. I got out of the hospital after getting a nose job, and he beat the shit out of me again,” she told host Angie Martinez at the time. “I had to have MRIs because he beat me so bad I couldn’t even move.”

Kim added that the doctor had to “fix” her nose because “it was almost broken.”

Lil Kim performing.
The Grammy winner previously opened up about his low self-esteem.
AFP via Getty Images

The Grammy winner also admitted that she had low self-esteem due to the type of women men cheated on her with.

“I have low self-esteem, and always have,” Kim explained in an interview with PKBNEWS in 2000. “Men were always cheating on me with European-looking women. You know, the guy with the long hair.

“Really beautiful women who made me think, ‘How can I compete with that?’ Being a regular black girl wasn’t enough.

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