Louisiana worker fired after dumping water on homeless woman in freezing weather

A Louisiana convenience store worker has been fired after a video went viral of her throwing a bucket of water at a homeless woman sitting outside the store in sub-zero temperatures.

The video shows a Triple S Food Mart employee in Baton Rouge confronting a homeless woman who was sitting outside the store on a 26-degree day over the Christmas holiday weekend.

“Move! I won’t tell you again. Move it! The worker can be heard exclaiming in the video. ‘Get rid of the ****!’

Abdullah Mufahi, the store owner, fired the employee featured in the video within 24 hours of the video going viral, WAFB reported.

The employee, identified by the Daily Mail as 44-year-old Kasey Young, uploaded the video herself and defended her actions. Young claimed she tried to get the group of homeless people out of the store’s parking lot and called the police.

Kasey Young allegedly posted the offending video herself, but was fired within 24 hours after it started going viral.

A convenience store employee told WAFB that Young was known to feed homeless people in the area and that she lost her temper the morning the video was taken.

Mufahi told a press conference: “When I heard the news, I didn’t talk to the employee too much. All I told him was to get off the property because we don’t handle this kind of situation.

The employee said homeless people frequently hang around outside the store, use drugs and harass customers. Despite this, the store owner says she should have done “everything but what she did”.

The employee who dumped the bucket of water apparently often fed the homeless population that gathered outside the convenience store.

The homeless woman shown in the video has since been linked to the appropriate services to receive help.

The Baton Rouge Police Department could not confirm whether the employee will face charges.

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