Lying Representative George Santos makes his first speech in the House

Disgraced Representative George Santos gave his first speech in the House on Wednesday since being sworn in as a member of Congress earlier this month.

The New York Republican rose to speak about the plight of Iranian protesters and acknowledge their bravery during his one-minute speech. Santos also called on the Biden administration to do more than impose “simple sanctions” on the Iranian regime as punishment for its treatment of protesters.

“Today I rise to support the brave Iranian protesters who are fighting against the barbaric forces of immorality,” his remarks began.

“During his inaugural address in 1967 as Governor of California, Ronald Reagan said that freedom is a fragile thing and that there is never more than a generation away from extinction. Iranian protesters have founded this revolution on three principles, women, life and liberty, which America rightly stands for with a sizable population of Iranian Americans in New York’s Third Congressional District,” he said.

“Let America serve as a democratic beacon for Iranian men and women fighting abroad. I would like to thank the representative [Claudia] Tenney, who introduced a concurrent House resolution saluting the bravery of the men and women of Iran,” Santos added.

“I declare that with every bullet and with every act of violence imposed by the Iranian government comes a call for us to condemn their actions and urge the Biden administration to take far greater measures and simple sanctions to address the countless killings and examples of senseless brutality,” he concluded.

Santos tweeted earlier this week in support of protesters in Iran.

“I support the freedom protesters in #Iran 100%. I will do everything in my power to help end the reign of terror that plagues their lives,” he said on Monday.

The rep made waves for lying about his past accomplishments.

George Santos

Santos is under investigation at the federal, state and county level.


Civil unrest and protests against Iran’s authoritarian government began in September 2022 after the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini. Hundreds of people were killed in clashes with Iranian security forces and the government reportedly executed several captured protesters.

Santos is facing pressure to resign his congressional seat after he admitted to the Post last month that he lied about graduating from college and working for top investment firms.

He is currently under investigation at the federal, state and county level, for hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans made to his campaign.

On Wednesday, his team altered several campaign finance documents to show that a $500,000 loan he gave to his 2022 Congressional campaign was not “candidate’s personal funds.” It is unclear where the funds he lent to his campaign came from.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) appointed Santos to the science, space and technology and small business committees last week. McCarthy vowed Tuesday that Santos would be removed from office if the House Ethics Committee found he was breaking the law.


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