Malaysian football star Faisal Halim has recovered after acid attack

Malaysian football star, Faisal Halim suffered a horrific acid attack on May 5, 2024. This incident shocked the football world. According to reports, the attack left him with fourth-degree burns on several parts of his body, including his face, hands, chest, neck and shoulders.

Faisal Halim plays as a left winger for Selangor FC in the Malaysian Super League. The 26-year-old has played 29 times for the national team, scoring 14 goals in the process. He scored 27 goals and a*sisted 24 more in Malaysia’s top division. Halim even gave Bayern Munich defender Kim a tough time during the recent 3-3 draw between Malaysia and South Korea at the Asian Cup. Min-jae.

The attack on Halim followed a violent attack on two other Malaysian national team soccer players. Former national team captain, Safiq Rahim clashed with two a*sailants after a training session but was lucky enough to escape unhurt. On the other hand, another teammate of Faisal Halim’s national team, Akhiar Rashid, was seriously injured on the head and legs by an iron rod during a robbery at his house.

Details of the attack on Faisal Halim and the ongoing investigation

The incident happened outside a shopping mall in the capital Kuala Lumpur. Halim was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital where the true severity of the attack was a*sessed. Unfortunately, this diagnosis does not provide an encouraging outlook for Faisal Haleem. He suffered fourth-degree burns which are cla*sified as the most severe.

Football Association of Malaysia deputy president Shahril Mokhtar issued a statement after the attack, “Faisal will now undergo at least two more surgeries as per the doctors’ decision.” Halim is significantly affected by the movement of the left side of his body. Halim’s photo was circulated shortly after the attack, shocking the nation.

The acid attack on Faisal Halim is just one of three recent violent incidents against Malaysian football stars, presenting a possible link between the three. In Halim’s case, the investigation team has managed to arrest two people. Currently, the entire Malaysian football fanbase is hoping for a speedy recovery for their star player so that he can return to the playing field soon.

The series of attacks has undoubtedly raised concerns among Malaysian officials about the safety of players nationwide. Discussions have been held to postpone the upcoming league matches. Police officials have advised the football star to adopt a more cautious lifestyle for the time being. The Football Association of Malaysia has even advised some popular players to employ security personnel to ensure their safety.

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