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Junel Malapad has been running Boxing Day to raise money for the Siloam Mission homeless shelter in Winnipeg for seven years now.

“I’m going to run about 100-160km, somewhere in between,” he said.

He started running at midnight on December 26 and he won’t stop running until midnight on December 27.

“It’s a 3.3 kilometer loop, which I stop at when I need to. But my plan is to run around the clock in the Forks area.


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The avid cross-country runner only stops for snacks, bathroom breaks and short interviews.

At 1 p.m., about 100 people came to join him on part of his journey, Malapad said.

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Over the past seven years, he has raised over $95,000 for Siloam Mission and has a donation truck parked along his run loop at The Forks.

He told PKBNEWS the race started as a way to avoid consumerism. The following winter, he heard of a homeless person freezing to death in a bus cabin and decided to help.

“Instead of spending money, we are able to help the community in this way,” he said.

“I’m here in the cold, I’ll be here for many hours because I want to support people who don’t want to be here.

“I am happy to use my energy as I like to help them.”

Malapad said he was so grateful to have the ability to run and to be able to help make a change along the way.

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