Mark Henry’s world records are so terrifying that other WWE stars can only dream of them

Mark Henry has a multi-talented personality. In addition to being a retired pro wrestler, he is a former powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter and strongman. Henry is popular among fans for his 25-year tenure with WWE, where he participated in several storylines and won many championships to his name.

In fact, Mark Henry was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2018. In addition, as a powerlifter, Henry won the WDFPF World Championships in 1995. In addition, he won the US National Championship twice in 1995 and 1997.

In weightlifting, Henry won the US National Weightlifting Championship three times, the US Olympic Festival Championship twice and more. Meanwhile, the WWE Hall of Famer recently shared his best lifts and here’s what he had to say

Mark Henry opens up about his best lifts

Mark Henry appears in an interview with Chris Van Vliet. At that time, Van Vliet asked him about his best lift. Regarding this, the former WWE Superstar said, “My actual best lift is not a barbell. I mean I squatted 1006 pounds. I benched 601 pounds. I deadlifted 903 pounds in competition, no equipment, and I deadlifted 924 pounds in training before I did 903 pounds.”

He added, “I deadlifted 182.5kg, which is over 400lbs and I clean and jerked 225kg which is over 500lbs. There are only 3 Americans who have done this. And strong, I won. It was the heaviest competition ever created.”

Thus, it seems that Henry has achieved an incredible feat. Earlier, several WWE stars’ lifting numbers came into the spotlight. For example, Roman Reigns can bench press 465 pounds, while The Undertaker can deadlift 500 pounds. Also, Triple H can bench press 405 pounds, and John Cena can bench press 481 pounds.

While the lifting numbers of popular WWE Superstars are quite impressive, they are nowhere near Henry’s numbers. Henceforth, it is understood that Mark has achieved an incredible feat that other WWE stars can only dream of. Meanwhile, here’s a quick look at Mark Henry’s record.

  • Squat 1006 pounds in competition.
  • Bench Press RAW 601 lbs
  • Deadlifted 903 pounds RAW in competition
  • 924 pound deadlift in training.
  • 400 pounds is a steal
  • A clean and jerk over 500 lbs
  • Powerlifting totals over 2336 lbs
  • A weightlifting total of over 881 pounds

Mark Henry’s son is following in his father’s footsteps and style

When Mark Henry opened up about his best lifts, he also talked about his son. During a previous interview with Chris Van Vliet, Henry said when talking about his son, “He’s on track, he’ll squat 700 pounds this summer. He’s about 650 deadlifts now, 700 deadlifts plus 400 bench by next year he’ll be the strongest high schooler in the country.”

The WWE Hall of Famer added that his son dreams of becoming a professional wrestler one day. Thus, it seems Henry’s son is following in his father’s footsteps in every way possible. Now, during his latest interview with Van Vliet, Mark opened up about his son again.

The most powerful man in the world said, “He is doing really well. Tomorrow he competes in the Texas Relays. It’s a bigger track meet in Texas than state and you know he’s qualified and he’s going to compete and I think he’ll do well, in the shot put…his life is consumed with being the best.”

Thus it is understood that Mark Henry’s son, Jacob Henry, made a name for himself. It will be really interesting to see if he can break the record set by his father. Till then, fans will look forward to more updates on Mark Henry and his personal and professional life.

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