Marlins’ Richard Bleier charged with three refusals in one at bat against Mets

Things between the Mets and Marlins took a strange turn Tuesday night.

Late in the eighth inning, with the Marlins leading 6-3 at Citi Field, reliever Richard Bleier took the mound. The veteran quickly pushed Brandon Nimmo down and Francisco Lindor to line up. Jeff McNeil picked a single, and then things got weird – very weird.

With Pete Alonso at bat, Bleier was charged with a denial – the first of his 303 career appearances – sending McNeil down to second overall. A second refusal sent the Mets infielder to third overall.

Two refusals in the same shot was strange enough, but on the fifth pitch against Alonso, Bleier was again called for a refusal, scoring McNeil. According to Jerry Blevins on the SNY show, Bleier may not have stopped his hands enough before throwing a pitch.

The final denial angered Miami manager Don Mattingly – possibly his last with the Marlins – forcing him to state his case to umpires before being thrown out.

Bleier regained his composure to force Alonso to retire and escape the round otherwise unscathed, although he made sure the referees heard – and saw – his displeasure. He continued to bark at the officials as he made his way to the Marlins’ dugout, earning his own ejection.

Richard Bleier was hit with the first three strikeouts of his career in the eighth inning against the Mets.
AP Photo

The 35-year-old now leads the majors in balks.

Miami hung on for a 6-4 win, which will be remembered for a pretty bizarre run.

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