Martha Stewart shares new ‘mysterious’ selfie with thirst trap

Summer isn’t over until Martha speaks.

Martha Stewart, 82, cemented her status as queen of thirst traps when she shared a ‘mysterious’ selfie to Instagram on Sunday.

In typical Martha fashion, the nighttime selfie was taken at a 13th-century castle “transformed by a very creative couple into a special resort of extraordinary quality”, according to her caption.

“The heated pool in a stone tower was the perfect spot for another selfie! ‘” the former TV host announced, explaining that it was just the aesthetic she wanted: “Dark. Candlelit. Mysterious.”

The interior design guru was “relaxing before a ma*sage” before celebrating the “70th anniversary of the founders of @brunellocucinelli_brand in Solomeo”.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model’s followers were thrilled with her latest sultry snap.

The ‘Martha Stewart Living’ host has become famous for her sultry selfies.

Martha Stewart
The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model is often praised for looking young at 88.
WWD via Getty Images

Martha Stewart sexy selfie
Many fans begged Martha to share more Thirst Traps in her comments section.

“Martha’s back with the thirst traps,” one gloated, as another person replied, “open the floodgates 🙌 Ready for that!!”

However, some comments were not so accepted.

One reviewer told her to “accept your age” since “it’s not a crime to get old,” while another asked her, “Martha, you drank too much wine baby.” »

Martha Stewart's iceberg cocktail
The comments weren’t as harsh as when Stewart posed with an iceberg c**ktail.

For more Page Six style…

Still, the post received less criticism than when Stewart shared an Instagram Story chilling her drink with an iceberg while on a luxury cruise near Greenland.

Fans were upset, with one person writing, “Martha, the ice caps are melting, don’t put them in your drink. »

Stewart is famous for her thirst traps, which often receive praise from her Instagram followers.

In April, Stewart teased her upcoming summer of thirst traps and told Page Six “You’ll see what’s to come,” calling it a “good thing.”

Stewart certainly showed everyone the right things.

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