Meghan McCain ‘humbly brags’ about not using filters or needles while ‘pushing 40’

She still has it.

Meghan McCain “humbly boasted” on Instagram about not using filters or needles while “pushing 40.”

McCain shared an Instagram Story on Thursday showing her face up close and personal with a selfie where she wore minimal makeup.

“I’m approaching 40,” the former “View” host explained. “No filter and no needle has ever touched my face,” McCain continued.

“Intentional skincare over toxins, my friends,” Meghan advised her followers, before adding the hashtag “humblebrag.”

The 38-year-old TV personality is known for speaking her mind, whether she’s giving skincare advice or arguing with other celebrities.

The “View” alum told her followers that she sticks to a skincare routine rather than “toxins.”

John McCain’s daughter doesn’t just avoid Botox — she also doesn’t like using the diabetes drug to lose weight after giving birth, which she explained in her Daily Mail column in February.

“I’m told, ‘Everyone does it,’ as if that were a convincing argument,” McCain wrote. “I hear, ‘Just take the picture,’ as it’s now called in shorthand. Someone even gave me a gift at the black market with ‘extra shots at home,'” she added, before explaining that she “refused.”[d]» all offers.

Even though she didn’t partake in Botox, Meghan still shared many beauty products that she endorses. In 2012, the politician’s daughter posted a photo of her makeup bag on Instagram with the caption: “My road makeup bag.” I like being a girl.”

meghan mccain
The TV personality also said she refuses to use Ozempic, despite suggestions.

meghan mccain
The Republican columnist is accused of using Botox over the years on Twitter.
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For more Page Six style…

Over the years, many people on social media have accused Meghan of using Botox. In 2021, a person tweeted an excerpt from “The View” and wrote: “Meghan McCain is acting like a spoiled child. Maybe too much Botox seeped into his brain.

The same year, someone request, “What’s going on with Meghan McCain’s face? Looks like she got some work done. It looks very plastic. Everything is bright and expressionless. Maybe it’s just botox, but still, she looked much better before.

Now McCain is humbly bragging about Botox accusations.

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