Mohammed Al-Fayed Net Worth in 2023 How rich is Mohammed Al-Fayed?

how much Mohammed Al-FayedIts net worth?

So what is the value of Mohammed al-Fayed? According to our research, Mohammed Al-Fayed’s net worth is estimated at $2 billion dollars (as of 2023). Mohammed Al-FayedHis net worth is the result of his success as an Egyptian businessman.

name Mohammed Al-Fayed
Net worth $2 billion (as of 2023)
occupation Egyptian businessman
date of birth 27 January 1929
age 100 years old (at time of death)
height 180 cm
weight 77 kg (170 lb)
place of birth El-Gomorok, Alexandria
nationality Egyptian

Who was Mohammed al-Fayed?

Mohamed Al-Fayed is an Egyptian-born businessman who has gained international recognition for his significant contributions to various industries, particularly retail and hospitality. Born on January 27, 1929 in Al-Gomorroq, Alexandria, Al-Fayed’s life was marked by entrepreneurial success, notable acquisitions and a unique cultural mix.

Al-Fayed’s rise to fame began with his early business ventures in Egypt. However, he gained widespread attention in the 1970s when he acquired the luxury department store Harrods in London. Harrods’ ownership has transformed the iconic store into a globally renowned shopping destination, known for its opulence and exclusivity. Under his leadership, Harrods became synonymous with luxury and attracted high-profile clients.

Another notable achievement in Mohamed Al-Fayed’s career was the ownership of Fulham Football Club, a prominent English football club in the English Football League Championship. His investment and involvement in the club has raised its profile and contributed to its growth and development.

In addition to his business ventures, Mohammed Al-Fayed is recognized for his philanthropic efforts. He has donated substantial sums of money to various causes and charities, reflecting his commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Furthermore, Al-Fayed is known for his pursuit of justice following the tragic deaths of his son, Dodi Al-Fayed, and Princess Diana in a car accident in 1997. His search for answers and his ongoing efforts to uncover the truth. The media covered the incident extensively.

Mohamed Al-Fayed is an Egyptian-born businessman known for his ownership of Harrods, involvement in Fulham Football Club, philanthropic efforts and his search for answers to the tragic events of 1997. His life story and contributions are testament to his entrepreneurial spirit. , resilience, and dedication to various aspects of business and public life.

real name Mohammed Al-Fayed
date of birth 27 January 1929
age 100 years old (at time of death)
height 180 cm
weight 77 kg (170 lb)
place of birth El-Gomorok, Alexandria
gender male
occupation Egyptian businessman
nationality Egyptian
hair color gray
zodiac sign Aquarius
Names of children/children Dodi Fayed, Camilla Al-Fayed, Omar Fayed, Jasmine Al-Fayed, Karim Al-Fayed
guardian Ali Ali Al-Fayed
Divorce Samira Khashoggi (m. 1954-1956)
Petni Heini Wathen (m. 1985-2023)


Mohammed Al-Fayed age

Mohammed Al-Fayed was born on January 27, 1929 in Al-Gomrok, El-Gomrok, Alexandria. Sadly, he pa*sed away on August 30, 2023 in London, UK. His career spanned over nine decades, during which he made significant contributions to the business world and left an indelible mark on various industries.

Throughout his long and eventful life, Mohammed Al-Fayed demonstrated entrepreneurship, philanthropy and an unwavering commitment to justice. Her remarkable journey, which started in Egypt and eventually took her to the world stage, is a testament to her resilience and tenacity.

Although he is no longer with us, Mohammed Al-Fayed’s legacy lives on through his business ventures, philanthropic efforts, and his relentless pursuit of truth and justice. His influence in the worlds of luxury retail, football and charitable causes will continue to be remembered and celebrated for years to come.

Mohammed Al-Fayed height and weight

Mohammed Al-Fayed, a prominent Egyptian-born businessman, stood at a height of 180 centimeters, which is about 5 feet 11 inches, and maintained a weight of 77 kilograms, which equates to about 170 pounds. These physical features were characteristic of a man who exuded confidence and presence in the business world and in the public eye.

His height, just a touch above average, contributes to his commanding presence and charismatic demeanor. This allows him to connect with people at all levels in the corporate boardroom or during public appearances.

Maintaining a weight of 77 kilograms suggests a healthy and balanced body. This balance likely played a role in his overall well-being, enabling him to manage the demands of his multifaceted career and active lifestyle.

Mohammed Al-Fayed’s height and weight collectively reflect a man who is comfortable in his own skin and projects an image of self-a*surance and vitality, qualities that serve him well in his various pursuits, from business to public advocacy.

physical characteristics



180 cm


77 kg (170 lb)

Mohammed Al-Fayed Nationality

Mohammed Al-Fayed’s nationality is Egyptian. He was born on January 27, 1929 in El-Gomorok, El-Gomorok, Alexandria. Throughout his life he maintained a strong connection to his Egyptian heritage and identity.

As an Egyptian citizen, Mohammed Al-Fayed’s life began in the culturally rich and historically important country of Egypt. His early experiences and upbringing in Egypt probably influenced his values, outlook and entrepreneurial spirit.

While he achieved international recognition and success in various industries, including retail and hospitality, Mohammed Al-Fayed was proud of his Egyptian roots. His Egyptian nationality symbolizes his heritage and his place in the wider context of Egypt’s history and culture.

Furthermore, Al-Fayed’s Egyptian identity plays a role in shaping his philanthropic efforts and advocacy efforts, reflecting his commitment to positively contribute to the welfare of his home country and its people.

Mohammed Al-Fayed career

Mohammed Al-Fayed is an Egyptian-born British businessman. He is the former owner of London’s Harrods department store and Fulham Football Club. He is the father of Dodi Fayed, who died in a car accident with Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997.

Al-Fayed was born in 1929 in Al-Gomorroq, Alexandria. He began his business career importing textiles from Egypt to the UK in the 1950s. In the 1960s, he expanded his business interests to include property development and hotels.

In 1985, Al-Fayed acquired Harrods department store for £615 million. He transformed the store into a luxury shopping destination and it became one of the most famous department stores in the world.

In 1996, Al-Fayed acquired Fulham Football Club for £10 million. He invested heavily in the club and it won the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1998.

Al-Fayed’s son, Dodi, died in a car accident in Paris in 1997 with Diana, Princess of Wales. Al-Fayed has always maintained that the crash was not an accident, but was orchestrated by British agencies.

Al-Fayed was a controversial figure throughout his career. He has been accused of using his wealth to influence dictators and politicians. However, he is also a respected businessman and philanthropist.

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