Montreal and Quebec announce new funds to keep young people away from gun-related crimes – Montreal

The City of Montreal and the government of Quebec are devoting nearly $2 million over three years to a youth crime prevention program.

The new program aims to convince young people at risk of committing violent crimes to “choose a different way of life.”

Called PIVOT, the French acronym means Prevent and Intervene in Cases of Violence Observed in the Territory.

The new program is modeled after a similar model used in Glasgow, Scotland.

“Support will be offered to young people who have already committed a crime in order to lead them towards a different way of life,” Public Security Minister François Bonnarder declared in French during a press conference in Montreal.

The money will target awareness groups and community organizations that work closely with at-risk youth.

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“Providing services to these young people who have more needs than other young people to escape violence,” Isabelle Laporte, deputy director of Un route pour tous, told PKBNEWS.

Violent crimes involving firearms decreased by 30 percent during the first five months of this year compared to last year, according to the SPVM.

Police say this is largely due to collaboration with community groups.

“We want to give them (young people at risk) a second chance, an outstretched hand,” Steve Thouin, commander of the SPVM, told PKBNEWS.

“Most young people do not want to get into a spiral of violence. They do it by default for lack of options, which gives them options: sports, jobs, counseling. So that’s what the program hopes to do,” Alain Vaillancourt, a member of Montreal’s executive committee in charge of public security, told PKBNEWS.

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