Most of Nova Scotia’s lobster fleet well suited to going electric, study finds – Halifax

An environmental group has concluded that about 2,300 lobster boats operating off the coast of Nova Scotia are suitable candidates for switching from diesel engines to electric motors.

A report released today by Oceans North says the province’s lobster fishery is well-positioned to lead the way toward zero-emission fishing – if governments help the boat-building sector develop new technologies.

The group concluded that 70 percent of the fleet fishes within 20 kilometers of its home port, meaning it can safely rely on electric power.

Nova Scotia’s lobster fleet produces about 82 million kilograms of carbon emissions each year, the equivalent of the emissions of about 35,000 cars.

Oceans North says the total cost of an electric system is competitive with diesel over a 20-year horizon because the higher purchase price is offset by lower operating costs.

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The group says the provincial and federal governments should set clear targets for reducing emissions in the maritime sector and fund research to test engine systems and redesign hulls.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published September 21, 2023.

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