Neighbor bursts on the barking dog

A Brisbane resident burst into anger at the barking of his neighbour’s dogs – before opening a cold one and offering it to his opponent through the door.

In the extreme interaction, the two men – one of whom is shirtless, with a full sleeve tattoo – can be seen locked in a shouting match through a screen door, as they argue over the barking dogs of the young man.

In a video of the exchange posted on TikTok, the neighbors appear to be locked in a disagreement — not over whether the dogs are barking too much, but over how many.

“I walk past you all the time, all hours of the day, your dog is barking. You don’t say anything,” the older man shouts. “The solution to your dog problem was to get another one, you f*** wit.”

Footage on TikTok shows the men locked in an argument over two barking dogs.

His tattooed neighbor responds angrily, “I’ve had two the whole fucking time.”

But the older man yells back, “Dude, there was only one dog barking here six months ago,” who was met, “No, there wasn’t, he there were two.”

At the height of his fury, however, the angry neighbor pulls a can out of his reusable shopping bag and opens it – and the conflict subsides.

“Greetings. Want one?” he asks, taking a sip.

“No, it’s okay man”, answers the owner of the dog, before agreeing to “settle it like men”.

The older neighbor admits to owning a number of barking guard dogs over the years, including pit bulls and pit bull-rottweiler mixes, his anger being a big part of that.

“It’s boring. It’s boring when you walk past it,” he says.

“They’re allowed to bark in their own yard,” the dog’s owner retorts, saying he’s installed siding to keep dogs away from the fence.

“In that corner, mate, I was about to go ‘bang’, straight into the fucking gob. He would’ve smashed his head off,” the furious man said, mimicking kicking the one of the dogs in the head.

TikTok users laughed off the swearing-filled exchange.

“While drinking a 1.8 bundy slammer,” one commenter joked.

“I’m leaving but I offered a beer anyway,” wrote another.

Other internet users have guessed that the two men will soon be great friends.

“He just wants a friend but doesn’t know how,” one wrote of the older man.

“These two guys will be best friends in no time,” another user replied.

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