New York buildings encased in ice after deadly blizzard and haunting video broadcasts

It’s now the lake sinister.

Haunting videos and images show buildings on Lake Erie in upstate New York completely encased in ice, including monstrous icicles spanning several feet in length.

A drone video sweeping the suburbs of Buffalo in Hamburg begins harmlessly with a view of the city’s clock tower covered in snow after the Christmas storm that Governor Kathy Hochul called “the blizzard of the century”.

But as the camera scans the shores of Lake Erie, it quickly shows almost apocalyptic scenes of buildings covered in giant, creepy-looking icicles, completely covering any windows, doors or balconies.

“These houses look like the ones in the movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’,” one person wrote on social media, comparing it to the 2004 disaster movie. “Crazy!”

Only the buildings at the water’s edge appear to be enclosed, with those behind looking like business as usual.

The wild footage showed buildings covered in ice and snow, with giant icicles hanging from them.

Another video shows Hoak’s Lakeshore restaurant in suburban Buffalo wrapped in a spooky curtain of giant, twisting icicles.

“It started on Friday, I would say probably around eight or nine in the morning,” owner Kevin Hoak said as he stood outside his restaurant covered in ice cubes.

He said strong storm winds splashed lake water on buildings – quickly turning to ice as the ‘bomb apocalypse’ dropped temperatures from ’45 degrees to around 12 degrees’.

Building covered in ice in Hamburg, NY.
The wild winter scenes seemed to affect every home along Lake Erie in Hamburg’s suburb of Buffalo.

Remarkably, Hoak said his company was not only unscathed from the weather coating, but was actually protected from it.

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“He actually protected the restaurant by dropping the temperature so low, because it acts like a barrier, protecting the foundation of the restaurant,” Hoak said – only the parking lot being “pretty badly battered”.

Kevin Hoak in front of his restaurant covered in ice cubes.
Hoak’s Lakeshore Restaurant Kevin Hoak braves the cold to talk about wild scenes that surprisingly don’t seem to have hurt his business.

Early polls suggest “nothing broke – no windows broke, no leaks”, he said, even the new flooring was undamaged. Only the “parking lot was beaten pretty badly,” he said.

It comes as the death toll in the Erie area topped 30, making it even deadlier than the historic 1977 Blizzard, which was blamed for killing up to 29 people.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz called it “probably the worst storm we’ve ever seen,” even for an area known for heavy snowfall.

Hoak's Lakeshore Restaurant covered in ice after a historic blizzard.
Kevin Hoak believes the ice cover has protected his business rather than hurting it.

Snow was expected to continue Tuesday, with up to 2 inches expected to fall in the devastated area.

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