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The mix of snow and ice on some roads in the North Okanagan is causing major problems and for some they are even having trouble getting home.

Some residents near Lumby, British Columbia, are frustrated with freezing conditions and what they say is a lack of road maintenance.

People who live along Trinity Valley Road are increasingly annoyed as the journey home has not been easy.

“It’s just ridiculous and they expect us to drive on it,” said Trinity Valley Road resident Garth Cannaday.

“There’s like a foot of hardened ice on the road here because they’re plowing it with the plow truck and they don’t have any downward pressure on the blades.”

Residents haven’t seen many snow plows along their road in the past few weeks and they say it’s starting to get dangerous.

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Brodde Baril’s sisters both ended up in the ditch due to slippery conditions.

“Going to the other side of the roads, sometimes you have to cut a corner and it can be scary sometimes not to see if there is a vehicle or not. I do my best not to cut them, but you can’t always help it,” said resident Brodde Baril.

Baril is also concerned about how emergency vehicles could travel down the road if not properly cleared.

Snow removal along Trinity Valley Road is contracted out to AIM Roads and they say the highest priority streets are cleared first.

“We have all of our resources right now on all the secondary roads and they’re doing them by classification, so we’re just trying to access every road by classification right now,” said Kevin McDonnell, contract manager for AIM Roads.

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In a statement to PKBNEWS, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure says it is in constant communication with contractors to monitor the performance of maintenance work.

“When issues are identified, ministry staff work with the contractor to ensure that contributing factors are identified and rectified. »

“Ministry maintenance contractors are required to monitor and respond to changing conditions and deploy enough workers, equipment and materials to get the job done.


Forecast of hazardous winter driving conditions for several sections of Highway 3

Residents of Trinity Valley Road have taken matters into their own hands, clearing the road with their gear, but they hope to see change soon.

“It’s sad, it’s pathetic and I don’t know what’s going on,” Cannaday said.

The ministry encourages anyone with safety concerns regarding road conditions to report them to AIM Roads.

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