“Not a wise decision” or “an important moment for the sport”?

Formula 1 is set to return to the Shanghai circuit as part of the Chinese GP. Shanghai is a popular circuit that hosts the only Chinese GP. The last f1 race held in Shanghai was in 2019. GP closed after 2019 due to covid.

After adopting the new rule changes for the 2021-22 season, China will host ground effect era cars for the first time. This can mean a lot of complications for engineers and drivers. As no race has been held in the last 5 years, the track may also be ineligible for a GP.

F1 concerns return to Shanghai

The Chinese GP is scheduled to take place on April 19-21. The F1 grid will soon travel to Shanghai, as the race weekend is almost here. The Shanghai circuit will host a sprint weekend.

While this may be exciting for fans, many F1 stakeholders have expressed concern. Since the track is not used for a long time, there is a risk that the track will not have the maximum grip level. Red Bull driver Max Verstappen also expressed concern.

he said “I think it’s not a very good thing, let’s say, to do that. Because when you’ve been away from a track for quite some time, I guess you never know what you’re going to experience.”

Since Shanghai has been closed for the past 5 years, new drivers who join it may face some difficulties in pushing the car. The power factor of just one hour of practice before the start of a sprint event can add confidence to a new driver to push the car.

Former F1 driver Kristen Danner added, “First and foremost, I expect a very green track that offers hardly any grip. It will be terrible for the drivers until the track finally grips.” Danner believes the track will turn green and the grip will only develop as the GP progresses.

Low grip and unfamiliar tracks are major concerns for drivers, while engineers have to work out tactics and which tires to use.

Reasons to wait for the Chinese GP.

The Shanghai circuit has hosted some of the most exciting GPs in the past. The circuit has a good mix of straights and corners for a challenging drive. Since it’s a sprint weekend, fans are treated to a mini race at the GP.

The Shanghai circuit is also a track dominated by Lewis Hamilton. In the 16 races held in Shanghai, Hamilton has finished on pole 6 times.

A return to Shanghai could be refreshing for Britain fans. Lewis has only finished on pole position once since the 2022 regulation. Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has expressed his views on the importance of the Chinese GP.

Wolf said, “A pivotal moment for sport”. “As the world’s largest automotive market and second largest economy, China is crucial to the sport’s global footprint,”

Toto believes racing is essential to the sport in China. China has the world’s largest automotive market and second largest economy, which can only be beneficial for the sport.

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