Paige Lorenze is ‘happier’ than ever with boyfriend Tommy Paul

Social media influencer Paige Lorenze says she’s “living out all her dreams” with boyfriend Tommy Paul by her side.

Lorenze, who rose to fame as an influencer in New York, tells Page Six she’s the “happiest” version of herself in suburban Connecticut, where she spends her time with her professional boyfriend tennis, riding horses and running his fashion line, Dairy Boy.

“I had a few relationships and learned a lot about myself as a business a*sociate and businesswoman,” she says, referring to her string of high-profile exes, including Armie Hammer, Morgan Wallen and Tyler Cameron.

“Being with Tommy now makes me believe that everything I’ve been through and every person I’ve ever dated led me to him,” the 25-year-old enthuses.

The couple started dating a year ago during the 2022 US Open.

Paige Lorenze and Tommy Paul
“Now that I’m with Tommy, it’s all worth it,” she said of her relationship.

“It’s been weird coming out to the public, and it’s been difficult, but now that I’m with Tommy, it’s all worth it and nothing really bothers me anymore.”

Lorenze, who started dating the athlete during the 2022 US Open last September, says her life has changed dramatically over the past year.

“I have really dedicated my time to my business and now have two horses, live in a beautiful house and have a wonderful boyfriend. I realize all my dreams,” she tells us.

Paige Lorenze
Her supportive pal was spotted at his Dairy Boy pop-up store in Soho.

    Paige Lorenze
The fashion icon was blown away by attending her first pop-up event.

“I am the best version of myself. [But] it took me five years to live in New York, without being happy and constantly running away from myself.

The fashion icon hosted her first Dairy Boy pop-up store during the 2023 US Open earlier this month, which had hour-long queues around the block in Soho.

“Seeing so many people come out and support me and my brand… was a really cool and important moment,” says Lorenze.

“When you see a number on social media, you don’t really think about the actual number of people.”

Paul, who is the 14th highest ranked male tennis player in the world, was also there to support his girlfriend.

Paige Lorenze
She has previously dated Tyler Cameron, Morgan Wallen and Armie Hammer.

“He’s my biggest fan. He wants what’s best for me and he’s so proud of me,” Lorenze enthuses. “I have never been in a relationship with someone who is so supportive.

“My success doesn’t intimidate him. Nothing I do takes away from me [him]. He loves seeing me do my thing – and vice versa.

Before Paul, the blonde beauty was recently linked to “Bachelorette” alum Cameron, who blindsided her when he announced their breakup on TV.

She also dated country singer Morgan Wallen, NHL player Kasperi Kapanen and disgraced actor Armie Hammer, whom she later accused of abuse.

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