Pavel Antov, Russian sausage tycoon who criticized the war in Ukraine, dies in the fall

A Russian sausage tycoon who criticized the invasion of Ukraine has plunged to death from a luxury hotel in India – three days after his friend lost his life on the same trip.

Pavel Antov, who would have celebrated his 66th birthday, was found dead outside the Sai International hotel in Rayagada, Britain’s Telegraph reported.

According to Russian state media, Antov, who was also a politician, died when he fell from his third-floor window at the posh hotel.

His death on Sunday is the latest in a string of mysterious Russian tycoons since strongman Vladimir Putin’s war with Ukraine began.

Antov’s friend Vladimir Bidenov also died at the same hotel on Thursday after he was found lying unconscious in his room surrounded by empty wine bottles, according to the outlet.

Pavel Antov, 65, was found dead outside the Sai International hotel in Rayagada.
President Vladimir Putin
The tycoon’s death is the latest in a string of mysterious deaths since President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine began.
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Police commissioner Vivekananda Sharma said Bidenov suffered a stroke and his friend “was depressed after his death and he too died”, the BBC reported.

Alexei Idamkin, the Russian consul in Kolkata, told the Tass news agency that investigators did not see a “criminal element in these tragic events”, according to the BBC.

“We are aware of the tragedy that happened in Odisha, where two of our fellow citizens died. One of them is Pavel Antov, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Vladimir Oblast,” the official said. Russian Embassy in India to the local channel NDTV.

“We are in constant contact with the relatives of the deceased as well as with the local authorities. As far as we know, the police do not yet see a criminal component to these tragic events,” he added.

A senior police official said Antov’s death appeared to be a case of suicide, the PTI news agency reported.

The wealthy member of Putin’s United Russia party was chairman of the agriculture committee in the Legislative Assembly of Russia’s Vladimir region, the Telegraph reported.

Antov was the founder of sausage producer Vladimir Standard and the highest-earning lawmaker in the country, according to Russia’s Forbes, which put his annual income at nearly $156 million.

In July, Antov called the Kremlin’s missile attacks on Kyiv terrorism on WhatsApp, where he posted a story about a girl who had been pulled from the rubble in her demolished home.

“It is extremely difficult to call any of this anything other than terror,” he wrote.

Antov quickly apologized for the message, saying it was posted by someone else and that he was “a supporter of the president and the patriot of my country” and “shared the goals” of the invasion.

Several Russian tycoons have died in bizarre circumstances since the invasion began.

In September, the head of Russian oil giant Lukoil, Ravil Maganov, reportedly fell from a hospital window in Moscow.

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