Pregnant Ireland Baldwin shares topless selfie before first baby: ‘Let me know’

Ireland Baldwin doesn’t change her ways just because she’s pregnant.

The racy Instagram selfie queen took to social media on Monday night to share a series of photos showing off her baby bump.

“reposting pg-13 picks because y’all love flagging me 🤘🏼,” Baldwin, 27, captioned the carousel post.

One of the snaps showed the model posing only in unbuttoned black trousers as she used her arm to cover her topless chest.

In another photo on her Instagram Story, she wore a sheer red dress and strategically placed emojis on her body to cover her private parts.

Baldwin told his followers that the post was originally taken down for violating the platform’s community guidelines.

“People who report me can suck my ass,” she wrote on her Story over a screenshot indicating that she had violated “adult sexual solicitation guidelines.”

Pregnant Ireland Baldwin takes a topless selfie in a mirror while covering her breasts with her arm.
Pregnant Ireland Baldwin shared a topless selfie.
Instagram/Ireland Baldwin

The DJ announced on New Year’s Eve that she was expecting her first child with her musician boyfriend, RAC.

She’s since kept fans up to date on her pregnancy journey, speaking candidly last week about the various mental and physical challenges.

“I underestimated how hard pregnancy would be on my mind and body,” she wrote, identifying as someone who “already faces extreme health anxiety on a daily basis.” .

Pregnant Ireland Baldwin takes a selfie in the mirror while wearing a sheer red dress.
The model revealed that her post was originally taken down for violating community guidelines.
Instagram/Ireland Baldwin

Baldwin noted that she had “struggled to adapt” to all the new “bodily sensations”, including “aches and aches” and “organs that will shit randomly”.

Besides the “physical aspects” of the pregnancy, the eldest daughter of Alec Baldwin and his ex-wife, Kim Basinger, said she felt like her “brain and thoughts were fighting every day”, describing the sensation as “mental warfare”. .”

“‘Just wait for the baby to come, you’re not going to sleep,'” she mimicked. “Bitch, I can’t sleep now. SHUT UP. I’m exhausted. I’m demotivated. I feel like life goes by and my career hasn’t even started.

A screenshot of Instagram's post telling Ireland Baldwin she raped "adult sexual solicitation guidelines."
Instagram said Baldwin violated “adult sexual solicitation guidelines.”
Instagram/Ireland Baldwin

Ireland also hailed RAC, real name André Allen Anjos. The couple have been dating for about a year.

“He is everything and more to me,” she said. “It’s hard not being very close to the family at the start because they live far away or are idiots that I don’t want anything to do with. It’s hard to see other people go through this and have their parents nearby.

Baldwin is no stranger to posting racy selfies.

Ireland Baldwin standing on a balcony.

Baldwin is no stranger to posting racy selfies.


Earlier this month, the actress revealed she was expecting a baby girl.

Irish mother-in-law Hilaria Baldwin – who is mum to seven under 10 with Alec – said she was “looking forward to meeting the little baby”.

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