Protesters in Regina demand rescinding of student pronouns and s*x ed policy – Regina

Hundreds of protesters took drums and pride flags to the lawn of Regina’s Legislative Building on September 2, to oppose the Department of Education’s new school policies.

They spoke out against new legislation requiring teachers to notify parents if their child under 17 wishes to change their name or pronouns and allowing parents to withdraw their child from s*x education.

“I was shocked. I was concerned. I was scared. I was worried not only for my well-being, but especially for the well-being of our young people and our group of young people, ”said Arianna Giroux , Executive Director of Pride at the University of Regina.

Giroux said she was overjoyed to see the hundreds of people in attendance.

Stakeholders at the protest expressed concern that these policies increase the risk of homelessness, violence and suicide among LGBTQIA2S+ youth.

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Former teacher Damara Juneau said the policies made her angry. She said it made her feel “the need to do something and stand up for trans kids.”

“Cancel the policy,” Juneau said. “I don’t think we need such a policy in place. It brings us back, it doesn’t move us forward, it doesn’t help anyone.

The University of Regina’s Pride Center is lobbying the provincial government with a lawsuit and its case will go to court for the first time on Tuesday.

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