‘Radiant’ Pamela Anderson Poses in New Photos for New Pandora Diamonds Ad

This star shines in any light.

Pamela Anderson has landed a new modeling contract with Pandora, showing off her natural beauty – and the three new lab-created diamond ranges – in her fresh-faced ads.

The 56-year-old former ‘Baywatch’ star shines as she poses in a white pantsuit and cream silk button-up blouse, wearing barely visible makeup to promote the jewelry retailer’s latest pieces , launched on Thursday.

“Once in a lifetime is never enough,” Anderson says as she showcases her sparkling jewelry in the ad, which also stars Grace Coddington, chief creative officer of Vogue, and model Precious Lee, between others.

The ‘Love, Pamela’ author wears a hint of bronze eyeshadow and peachy lips for Pandora’s ‘Diamonds for All’ campaign, created to highlight that women don’t need to keep their diamond jewelry for special occasions.

Anderson wore a hint of light makeup in the diamond commercials.

pamela anderson
She wore her hair long and loose and wore a white pantsuit in the commercial.

In the ads, she stacks several bracelets ($1,550) in yellow and white gold versions, as well as four diamond rings, including one in twisted gold ($1,650) that matches her bracelets.

“I love that it’s man-made diamonds, and knowing that the jewelry is made from recycled silver and gold makes me feel good to wear it,” Anderson said in a statement. “It’s actually the most drastic and glamorous decision.”

Pandora shared her excitement for the brand’s new face on Instagram on Wednesday, writing, “Iconic. Legendary. Bright. We’re beyond excited to introduce the ever radiant @pamelaanderson for Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds! 🤩.

pamela anderson
The actress, pictured with her co-star Nicole Eggert (left), is known for her glamorous looks.
Getty Images

pamela anderson
Fans are used to seeing the star with her signature eyeliner.
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“✨” Anderson commented on the post, while one fan wrote, “Pamela is iconic and what a great Pandora amba*sador 👏.”

“Awesome new collection and Pamela looks so beautiful in this campaign!! 💖,” added another Instagram user.

Her Pandora commercials aren’t the first time in recent days that the bombshell has ditched her signature s*xy style for a softer look.

For more Page Six style…

pamela anderson
Anderson gave fans a glimpse of her freckles in a selfie earlier this month.

Last week, the ‘Home Improvement’ star shared a bare-faced selfie that let her freckles shine after revealing the reason she’s largely stopped wearing makeup.

“I just thought, without Alexis, it was better for me not to wear makeup,” Anderson told Elle, referring to her late makeup artist, Alexis Vogel, who died of breast cancer in 2019.

Since then, the Hollywood blonde has sported a natural look, calling the change “liberating, fun and a bit rebellious”.

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