Raquel Leviss Changes Instagram Username to Rachel After ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Release, Blocks Tom Sandoval

Raquel Leviss officially changed her Instagram username to her legal name, Rachel Leviss, after deciding to go by Rachel during her three-month stay in a mental health facility.

The former “Vanderpump Rules” star updated her username and profile name, as @rachelleviss and “Rachel Leviss” now appear on her profile.

Leviss initially changed her profile name in August, but her username was still @raquelleviss at the time.

She also added “Healing Era 🌷🌱🌸✨” to her bio.

In August, Leviss cleared her page of any photos with her former “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars and edited her bio to read: “Becoming a better person…one day at a time.”

The Bravebrity alum confirmed she would go by Rachel on an Aug. 16 episode of Bethenny Frankel’s “Just B” podcast.

“I’m just trying to get back to my roots and introduce myself as Rachel,” she said.

Leviss’ username previously referred to her nickname, Raquel.

A selfie of Raquel Leviss
In August, Leviss revealed that she was “now introducing myself as Rachel.”

Leviss, 29, said she started using the nickname in first grade.

“There were a few other Rachels in my cla*s and I wanted to be special,” she recalls. “Since then, the name has stuck. My friends have always called me Raquel and my family calls me Rachel, so I answer both.

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Leviss explained that during her time at the mental health center, she discovered her name was Raquel because she “wasn’t comfortable” in her skin and “wanted to be someone better.” .

Raquel Léviss posing
The “Vanderpump Rules” alum started going by her nickname when she was in first grade.

The former beauty pageant queen entered the facility in April – just one month after her months-long affair with Tom Sandoval was revealed.

As previously reported, Leviss and Sandoval initially attempted to continue their romantic relationship after Scandoval. This all came to a halt in May amid the backlash they faced from fans and Leviss’ subsequent stay in a mental health facility.

“Rachel and Tom haven’t spoken in almost three months. She left Meadows Trauma Center in July and has not had any contact with him since June,” a source told People last week.

Raquel Léviss walking
Leviss decided to reach out to Rachel while she was seeking treatment for her mental health for three months.

A selfie of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss
The former Bravebrity entered the treatment center after suffering the repercussions of her affair with Tom Sandoval.

The insider claimed that Sandoval, 41, has “written and called” her, and that he “still can’t keep her name out of her mouth and let her move on in peace.”

The exes made headlines again last week when Sandoval publicly wished her happy birthday — but she didn’t take it as a compliment. The reality star responded by posting a screenshot of herself blocking Sandoval, adding a GIF that read, “OK, bye!”

Shortly after, Sandoval joked that Leviss was “thirsty and immature.”

Raquel Leviss, Scheana Shay, Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, Lisa Vanderpump, Tom Schwartz, Lala Kent, James Kennedy, Katie Maloney posing for
Leviss also cleared her feed of one of her “VPR” co-stars, since she will not be returning to the hit Bravo show.
Tommy Garcia/Bravo

“I always wish him the best. I hope she is well and I hope she finds happiness,” he told “Extra”.

Sandoval has since continued filming the new season of “Vanderpump Rules,” while Leviss confirmed that her time on the show is over.

“I refuse to not respect myself at this level where I would endure this psychological violence any longer. I can’t do this to myself,” she told Frankel.

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