RCMP respond to revelations of Iranian foreign interference in Canada

The RCMP responded to a PKBNEWS investigation into the Iranian regime’s interference in Canada.

The year The new reality The investigation revealed that more than 700 a*sociates linked to the regime were operating on Canadian soil and threatening the lives of certain Canadians.

In a statement, the RCMP acknowledged having received “information indicating foreign interference committed by or at the direction of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

The RCMP added that “if an illegal activity is found to be directed or undertaken for the benefit of a foreign state, it is considered foreign actor interference and falls under the investigative mandate of the Security Program national. »

“If an illegal activity is found not to be directed or undertaken for the benefit of a foreign state, it is not considered an act of interference by a foreign actor and it is up to the police competent to investigate,” adds the press release.

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The Mounties refused to answer specific questions about Iranian-Canadians in the PKBNEWS investigation, who say they do not benefit from protection.

He said in a statement that there are “support mechanisms in place to help them in the event of potential foreign interference or state-sponsored hara*sment and intimidation.”

Hamed Esmaeilion, an Ontario man who lost his wife and nine-year-old daughter after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) shot down a Ukraine International Airlines PS752 in 2020, k*****g all 176 people on board, has spoken to PKBNEWS of the threats weighing on him. faces.

After Esmaeilion began demanding answers and demanding justice, he began receiving threats on social media and, more frighteningly, multiple phone calls from the same person.

“The last conversation I had with this guy, he said, let’s talk about the last moments of your wife and your daughter,” he said.

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He said he was told police resources were too limited to protect him.

“I had (a) conversation with RCMP officers in January and I said to them: do you have any recommendations for me because I see that the threats exist, particularly on social networks, and they said they had no resources. They are busy with Ukraine, Russia and China,” he said.

“Where are my wife and daughter now? They are buried in Richmond Hill Cemetery, simply because of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he added.

Prominent Iranian-American human rights activist Masih Alinejad was the subject of an a*sa*sination attempt last year and an alleged kidnapping plot in 2021.

But Alinejad revealed disturbing information about the danger facing Iranian-Canadian dissidents.

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“The FBI told me that the same group that was trying to kidnap me on American soil was the same group from the Revolutionary Guards in Iran that were trying to hara*s, kidnap and k**l Canadians.”

In 2021, the FBI indictment against Alinejad’s alleged captors stated that three individuals had been targeted in Canada, but that they had not been identified.

Alinejad says she has full protection from the FBI, but feels guilty that Canadians don’t have the same type of security.

“They send death threats to Hamed and many other activists. For what? Because they don’t see any consequences,” Alinejad said.

The RCMP said it could not comment on any of its ongoing investigations.

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