Reese Witherspoon’s Son Deacon, 20, Sparks Criticism Over Baby Nepo After Showing Off Expensive NYC Apartment

Does Reese Witherspoon’s son, Deacon Phillippe, have a pillow that’s too fancy?

The New York University student let TikTok star Caleb Simpson – whose 7.8 million followers watch him tour expensive homes – wander around his swanky college apartment in New York on Thursday and now he’s suffering negative reactions because he’s a nepo baby.

“Rich kids/nepo babies LOVE to avoid mentioning their extremely rich parents,” one viewer wrote in the comments section of the video.

“Let’s not forget his mom and dad are rich celebrities,” another added, referring to Deacon’s mom and dad, actor Ryan Phillippe. “He could afford to rent the whole apartment if he wanted!” »

A third disgruntled viewer joked: “Occupation: nepo baby,” while another wrote: “Trust fund baby life.”

The New York University student gave TikTok star Caleb Simpson a tour of his luxury West Village apartment.
The apartment features high ceilings and an open floor plan with a spiral staircase.
Deacon shares the pad with two other people.

Deacon, who was holding a bottle of expensive Perrier water during the tour, coyly admitted that he paid “West Village prices” for the apartment when Simpson asked him — and it’s clear the space costs a pretty penny with its spacious rooms, high ceilings and unique character. spiral staircase.

Unsurprisingly, people didn’t like the 20-year-old’s lack of transparency when it came to pricing his stunning apartment.

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Deacon even showed off his bedroom which doubles as a recording studio.
“I sing and play a little keyboard but mostly I make music on my computer,” he proudly told Simpson.

“How much do you pay? The correct answer is: ask my mom and dad,” wrote one disappointed user.

“West Village prices, that is, mom and dad pay rent,” another reviewer wrote.

However, not everyone was picking on the aspiring musician.

Viewers weren’t happy with the 20-year-old living in such expensive accommodation – especially when he gave a vague answer about how much he pays to rent the place.
The aspiring musician simply said he pays “West Village” prices.

“I’m impressed he has roommates,” one supporter commented. “Rack up those experience points!”

“Relaxed and laid back young man!” wrote a second impressed viewer.

“[He’s] not an ordinary student…he can get any apartment he wants,” another person added, defending him. “Even though he has roommates, he seems cool.”

“West Village prices aka mom and dad pay rent,” one person wrote under the video, and many left similar notes.

Towards the end of the video, Deacon showed off his bedroom which doubles as his studio.

“I sing and play the keyboard a little but I mostly make music on my computer,” he explained before proudly showing off one of his projects.

Deacon released his debut album, titled “A New Earth,” in April.

“Occupation: nepo baby,” another reviewer wrote.

Witherspoon, her father and her sister, Ava Phillippe, were in attendance at her album release party.

“Great evening with family and friends celebrating the release of ‘A New Earth’ by @deaconphillippe!!” Ryan posted on Instagram at the time alongside several photos from the event.

The ‘Cruel Intentions’ star also sent love to his son as he made it 2-0 on October 23.

However, some defended him and described him as “humble”.
Getty Images for Fanatics

“Happy birthday to my best friend,” he wrote alongside various snaps of him and Deacon over the years.

“I’m so lucky to be your old man and so grateful for all the incredible memories and adventures we have together. You are a true blessing.

Witherspoon, meanwhile, shared a post filled with more recent snaps of her son.

In addition to being a student at NYU, Deacon actively releases music and released his debut album this past April.

“HUGE birthday wishes to my boy @deaconphillippe!! 🎂 🎈 ☀️” she exclaimed.

“Actually, it’s not a boy, it’s a 20-year-old man today! 🥰”

“Deacon, you are such a ray of sunshine, love and positivity in this world. Continue to shine this wonderful light on us! I 💗you!”

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