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Despite the freezing temperatures, a group of volunteers ensure that no one is left stranded on the side of the road during the holiday season.

The 306 Recovery Facebook group has been providing boosts, tows and other help to stranded drivers since 2015.

The concept is simple: if your vehicle needs assistance, you post your needs in the group and more often than not, a friendly citizen will come to help you.


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With this roadside recovery service, the only payment is to pay it forward.

Francis, Sask., a native of Stuart Hall, started the group, which has since grown to more than 15,000 members.

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“It’s all pay-forward based, there are no charges of any kind allowed within the band,” Hall said.

Besides himself, Hall says there are about 15 to 20 other band members helping with recovery.

“We have been able to help thousands of people over the past seven years since the group was founded. I expected it to bring change, but I never thought it would go this far and become as big as it did,” Hall says.

Hall says the tow truck companies initially pushed back on the group, but he insists there is no intention of taking their business away from them and there are still many cases that require professional help. .

306 Recovery Facebook members flock to the group asking for help with car problems, and they often leave happy.

306 Recovery / Facebook

Hall says he created the group for those who may not have the funds for a tow truck or who may not be CAA members.

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He adds that over time, many tow truck companies and drivers have changed their minds and some drivers have even helped the group in their spare time.

At this time of year, the page is frequently populated with post after post seeking help, such as a tow a snowbank for the most common start.

PKBNEWS stepped out with Hall for an evening stroll as he went straight from his day job to volunteering patrolling the frozen streets.

That’s where we found Ryan Lavallee and his dead vehicle.

“Yesterday was my first time joining the band because I was having car trouble, so I just decided to reach out,” Lavallee said.


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After a quick assessment from Hall, he connected his jumper cables to Lavallee’s car and everything started.

Hall advised Lavallee to let the car run for a good 20 minutes and then take it out for a nice long drive to recharge the battery.

“I really appreciate what he’s doing and what he’s doing and everyone who’s doing it too,” Lavallee said.

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During this recent cold snap, Hall estimates he helped about 30 different people with various car issues.

“I always feel joy and most of it comes from the smile on someone else’s face, knowing they’re ready and going,” Hall said.

Our ride ended with a final successful recovery. Now all that’s left to do is keep paying.

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