RHOBH stars Dorit and BK Kemsley have split after 9 years of marriage

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” stars Dorit and Paul “PK” Kemsley have announced their split after nine years of marriage.

“As a couple, we have been subjected to a lot of speculation surrounding our marriage. We have gone through our struggles over the past few years and continue to work through them as two people who love each other and share two wonderful children together,” the couple wrote in a joint statement released Thursday via social media.

“To protect our deep friendship and maintain a harmonious environment for our children, we have made the mutual and difficult decision to take some time apart and re-evaluate our relationship while prioritizing our children,” they added.

“We appreciate your love and support as we continue to do the necessary work along this journey.”

The Kemsleys’ marital discord was a hot topic on the most recent season of “RHOBH,” which premiered last fall.

“It’s not like we’re headed to divorce court, but we’ve separated. PK and I, we really rely on each other and communicate very much. It’s the first time in 13 years,” Dorit told Page Six’s “Virtual Reali-Tea” podcast in November 2023. “That we spent together and that we felt this disconnect.”

“When we got into this season, it was really important for me to be open and honest and talk about it because it is what it is.”

However, Beverly Beach designer Dorit — who married PK in a stunning ceremony in New York City in the famous Rainbow Room in March 2015 — shut down rumors that she and PK were living separately.

“This was one of those times where I just knew — especially because we were so open and vulnerable about talking about it on the season — that even if we weren’t addressing it, it could take on a life of its own,” she said of her and PK’s quick reaction to the gossip expose in a statement. Released October 2023.

“So we immediately issued a statement.”

Dorit noted that surviving two robberies within two years caused friction in their relationship.

In 2021, she was home alone with the duo’s children — son Jagger, 10, and daughter Phoenix, 8 — when armed men broke into the family home in Encino, California, to steal about $1 million in luxury goods.

She was subjected to a second robbery almost a year later in December 2022, alleging that three men followed her before aggressively stealing $10,000 in cash, which she took as Christmas gifts.

“Not having my partner there [after the home invasion] “It made life very difficult and obviously caused some problems,” she said of PK’s dive into work and travel after the first time.

“But in the end – thank God – we never separated. We faced our challenges and kept working to overcome them and become better, better and stronger and that doesn’t always happen overnight.

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