‘RHOC’ Recap: Heather Dubrow Threatens to Leave Show, Says She ‘Hates’ Co-Stars After Explosive Dinner Party

Heather Dubrow was so fired up by an explosive argument that she threatened to quit the “Real Housewives of Orange County” during Wednesday’s episode.

At a group dinner in Mexico, Tamra Judge, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson were all yelling at Dubrow for allegedly calling them “fucking losers” behind their backs.

However, Dubrow vehemently denied the accusations and claimed she was referring to former “RHOC” co-stars Noella Bergener and Jen Armstrong.

However, the ladies continued to yell at her and call her a “fake friend.”

“I didn’t call you a loser, but honestly, I’m tired of being picked on by this group. I get it, you don’t like me,” Dubrow said before fleeing the group dinner.

She then walked over to Vicki Gunvalson, who had walked away from the argument and was crying about how mean women are to each other.

“I’m done, I’m really done, I’m done,” Dubrow, 54, said. “Were done. They’re so mean to me, but I’m done with the show. I’m out, I’m done.

Dubrow was frustrated with her co-stars when everyone picked on her.
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Tamra Judge and Jennifer Pedranti on
Tamra Judge claimed Dubrow called the rest of the women “fucking losers” behind their backs.
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In tears, Gunvalson told her friend that she “could never stand” the way other women spoke to her.

“No, that’s too much,” agreed Dubrow.

Shannon Beador joined the duo at the bar and asked why they were upset, to which Gunvalson, 61, explained that the ladies were “just chewing out” Dubrow and should “leave her alone.”

Heather Dubrow on “RHOC”
“I’m done with the show,” Dubrow said as he walked away from the group dinner.
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“I don’t like being the scapegoat. I think this is bullshit. I don’t like it,” Dubrow said. “Can someone be on my side, damn king?”

The fight exploded hours after Dubrow said she “hated” the ladies in a heated on-mic moment.

The actors were riding in a sprinter van when Simpson, 47, recalled that Dubrow abandoned all of her co-stars after her first exit from the series in 2016.

“RHOC” sunk in a van
Dubrow had an emotional moment after arguing with Emily Simpson and Gina Kirschenheiter during a van ride.
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Simpson mentioned that she had just followed her again the day before – even though Dubrow returned to the franchise in 2021.

“When I left the friend group and had FOMO [fear of missing out]and we talked about it, I unfollowed everyone, because I didn’t want to see him,” Dubrow explained.

However, Simpson and Kirschenheiter, 39, don’t seem satisfied with his explanation, arguing that unfollowing someone on social media is “personal.”

Heather Dubrow on “RHOC”
The mother of four said she felt like a “punching bag” on the group trip.
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“You’re trying to make it seem weird,” Dubrow said. “You have a way of twisting things.”

Simpson and Kirschenheiter said they’ve been “good” to Dubrow since she started following Simpson again, but Dubrow was still upset about the whole ordeal.

“I’m 100 percent the punching bag for this trip,” she said in a confessional. “Someone is trying to make me breathe wrong, chew improperly. I can’t do anything right. I just want to shut up and let this journey end.

A convenience store on “RHOC”
Earlier in the day, Dubrow was caught emotionally saying, “I hate them.”
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Dubrow eventually got out of the vehicle and blurted out to her co-stars that she was “going home.” She then headed to a convenience store where her microphone was still on.

“All these girls are so fucking king in everything I say or do. I hate them all,” she said, speaking to someone in the store. “I just want to go home. I hate them.”

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Taylor Armstrong then went to comfort Dubrow, who reiterated that she was “really ready to go home.”

“Every time I try to say something, everything backfires, so I’m just sick of it,” she told Armstrong. “I really don’t feel like I fit in, and everything I say gets dissected or turned against me. If I make a joke, it’s not OK.

Heather Dubrow
“I really don’t feel like I fit in,” Dubrow admitted.
Lisa OConnor/AFF-USA.com / MEGA

Armstrong, 52, suggested that some women feel “inferior” to Dubrow and his lifestyle.

“Maybe. I tried to tell Emily and Gina and them [that] I feel like there are double standards, but they keep telling me it’s a ‘me’ problem,” Dubrow said in a shaky voice, adding: “Everything what I want to do now is go home to my family. I just don’t want to talk to anyone.

“The Real Housewives of Orange County” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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