‘RHOM’ Star Lisa Hochstein Accuses Ex Lenny of Domestic Abuse: ‘You May Have Got That Bruise’

Lisa Hochstein made an explosive statement via social media on Wednesday, alleging that her ex-husband, Lenny Hochstein, had been physically abusive towards her in the past.

The “Real Housewives of Miami” star, 41, posted a mirror selfie of herself on her Instagram Stories that showed what appears to be a large bruise in the middle of her arm.

“I didn’t want to have to share that. But I have no choice,” she captioned the photo before alleging, “I am being threatened and hara*sed by the justice system and the ‘others’ from Lenny and this needs to stop. “

“It was almost two weeks from last season,” Lisa added, noting the mark highlighted by a purple circle.

“You may have caught that bruise in the episode when I talked to the women on the show about divorce.”

Page Six reached out to Lenny’s attorney for comment on his estranged wife’s recent claims, but did not immediately respond.

The end of the Bravolebrity’s marriage began to happen in Season 5 of “RHOM.”

During Episode 6, as the cast took a trip to Key West, Florida, Lisa rushed to call her ex as they argued over whether or not his “mistress” turned fiancée could stop by at night at their house while she was away.

Lisa said she was speaking out because she would be “threatened” and “hara*sed.”
Lisa Hochstein/Instagram

Eagle-eyed fans took to social media to point out that they noticed the bruise on the reality star’s arm.

“Someone noticed the bruise on Lisa’s arm on the recent #RHOM, do we think Lenny did that?” someone tweeted in December 2022 alongside screenshots of Lisa in the episode.

Another added at the time: “No one noticed those bruises on Lisa?? There is much more to the story that we don’t know ☹️. I also noticed another bruise on his hand. #RHOM.

A the third wrote, “Did anyone see the bruise on Lisa’s arm?” It’s like someone grabbed you hard. #RHOM Concerning.”

Lisa first appeared with what looks like a bruise on her arm in Season 5 of “RHOM.”
Well done
“Do we think Lenny did this?” one viewer asked when the episode aired.
Well done

Lisa hadn’t addressed the speculation – until now.

The plastic surgeon, 57, once accused Lisa of being “abusive” herself via social media because she allegedly “yelled at him”. [him] on a weekly or even daily basis” and “criticized everything [he] did.”

Lisa told Page Six in response at the time that Lenny had just made up “lies” and that she was “starting to worry” about him.

Lisa and Lenny were married for 12 years before separating.

When the former couple took their divorce battle to court, Lenny alleged in court documents that his ex verbally abused him throughout their marriage.

“As you enter the master bedroom, [Lisa] Suddenly, she ran out of her bathroom and closet and was surprised. [Lenny] by engaging in a verbal tirade demanding to know why [Lenny] had entered the master bedroom,” he claimed through his lawyer in documents previously obtained by Page Six.

“[Lisa] started to push [Lenny] physically, which made him step back, and [Lisa] continued to pursue and follow [Lenny] shouting at him.

Lenny once claimed that Lisa verbally abused him on several occasions, which Lisa denied.
Getty Images for Universal Pictu

The argument allegedly took place on May 10 this year and Lenny claimed that when the police were called, Lisa accused him of being “the aggressor”.

The “RHOM” star told Page Six in response at the time: “As we will clarify in our response, there is a long history of me having to call the police because of Lenny’s behavior.

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“This time he entered my room without my consent while I was not yet fully dressed and refused to come out while insulting me in front of the children and taunting me.”

Lisa and Lenny have not yet been able to finalize their divorce.

Lenny and Lisa were married for 12 years before filing for divorce in May 2022.

They share two young children: Logan, 8, and Ella Marie, 4.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for confidential a*sistance.

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