Russell Westbrook blasts press conference over Lakers ‘crossover’ issue

After an epic comeback against the Trail Blazers on Sunday night, the Lakers were aiming for a three-game winning streak against the Clippers on Tuesday night.

Instead, a fourth-quarter rally that saw the lead reduced to 10 slipped when Russell Westbrook threw a bad inbounds pass to Dennis Schröder, resulting in a three-point play from Kawhi Leonard.

The momentum they had built with a 10-2 run faded with just under six minutes to play. Following the turnover, the Clippers would score eight straight points en route to a 133-115 win.

During his postgame press conference, Westbrook didn’t take it well when a reporter asked where the two Lakers guards had “crossed” on the play.

“What do you mean by crusader?” replied an annoyed Westbrook. “What did you mean?” How did we come across? »

The journalist rephrased his question: “Were you upset by this piece? ” He asked.

“No, it was a five-way game, it wasn’t between me and Dennis,” Westbrook replied evenly.

Russell Westbrook heads into the net against the Clippers on January 24, 2023.

“Okay, what happened on that incoming play?” tried the journalist.

“It was a turnover,” Westbrook said.

The Lakers and Westbrook press have had their fair share of tension-filled moments, dating back to last year when Westbrook received a slew of criticism from the media and fans for his lackluster play.

Schröder and Westbrook were also seen having a heated conversation on the bench after the turnover. Meanwhile, LeBron James sat nearby, staring at the ground in despair after dropping 46 points in the lopsided loss.

The Lakers hope to get back on track Wednesday night as they host Spurs. The team also expects Anthony Davis to return to play with a minute limit; hoping he can give them a much-needed spark for their playoff push.

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