Saint-Laurent warehouse that stores raw materials for COVID-19 supplies destroyed by fire – Montreal | PKBNEWS

A three-alarm fire that ravaged a building in the borough of Saint-Laurent on Monday has been destroyed.

MedSup Medical, a manufacturer and wholesaler of medical protective supplies including masks, gloves and rapid COVID-19 tests, lost its warehouse which housed raw materials and some finished products in the fire.

“Our team is dedicated to ensuring that all production will continue smoothly,” Éric Ethier, president of MedSup Medical, told PKBNEWS.


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Ethier insists that there is no disruption in the supply chain for the company’s customers. The president says MedSup Medical has other warehouses and is in the process of opening a new one near its manufacturing facility.

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“It does not affect our production capacity, production or distribution schedule and there was no finished product in this warehouse,” he said.

MedSup Medical customers, including hospitals, regional health authorities and medical clinics, will still receive their personal protective equipment (PPE) as scheduled.

“All of these customers, all of these customers will see no effect on their delivery schedule or their products,” he said.


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The fire broke out on Monday evening and it took firefighters until Tuesday morning to extinguish the blaze. More than 100 were there.

No one was inside the building when the fire broke out, but a firefighter was slightly injured.

The building is adjacent to Highway 13 and close to Trudeau Airport.

Local elected officials were initially concerned about safety in the area when the fire broke out.

“We had concerns because there was the jet fuel pipeline that ran right under the property. So we were worried about the airport. Fortunately, nothing happened,” Alan DeSousa, mayor of the Borough of Saint-Laurent, told PKBNEWS.

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