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William Sandeson’s first-degree murder trial resumed on Wednesday with testimony from a bloodstain analyst, who told the jury that the victim’s DNA was found on a handgun seized from the apartment by Sandeson.

sergeant. Adrian Butler was the first prosecution witness of the day.


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He described seeing dozens of very small stains on the Smith & Wesson handgun that was seized from Sandeson’s Henry Street apartment in Halifax in August 2015.

Butler reviewed the photos of the weapon and prepared a report. He said several spots tested positive for blood and matched Taylor Samson’s DNA profile.

Samson, 22, was missing at the time and his body was never found.

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Butler said that to have any splatters or smudges on the back, specifically droplets less than a millimeter, it appears the gun would have been within four feet of the blood source when it was unloaded.

“In order to recover spatter on a firearm, it must be very close to the blood source,” he told the jury.


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One bullet was found in the window frame of Sandeson’s unit and one in the bedroom of the Smith & Wesson.

Samson is shown in security footage entering Sandeson’s apartment before 10:30 p.m. on August 15, 2015. The Crown alleged the meeting was related to a 20-pound marijuana sale and that Sandeson fatally shot Samson.

The second witness called on the 10th day of the trial was Det. const. James Wasson who was the Forensic Records Coordinator assigned to this case for Halifax Police in August 2015.

He spoke of the need to recreate Samson’s DNA profile because his body was never found, and to determine what evidence would be sent for further lab testing.

Among the items seized from the Sandeson family farm in Lower Truro was a shower curtain.

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The trial heard one was missing from Sandeson’s apartment.

In laying out its case at the start of the trial, the Crown told the jury that Samson’s DNA was also found on that seized curtain.

A verdict from a 2017 trial was overturned on appeal and this second trial was ordered in 2020.

Also on Wednesday, Halifax Regional Police announced that a Canada-wide warrant had been issued for Pookiel McCabe, who is wanted as a witness in the trial.

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