Sarah Michelle Gellar back in ‘Wolf Pack’: ‘The time had come for me’

Sarah Michelle Gellar is returning to TV – but this time she’s working with werewolves.

The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star stars in the Paramount+ series “Wolf Pack,” directed by Jeff Davis (“Teen Wolf”), which premieres Jan. 26.

Gellar, 45, told the Post that she was initially reluctant to do another supernatural show.

“I just think [that] when you’ve lived in a world that still stands the test of time and people still watch, it’s hard to do something that could be seen as similar and have the inevitable comparisons,” she said, referencing her starring role in “Buffy,” which ran for seven seasons and 144 episodes (1997-2003).

“It just doesn’t make sense because you’re not trying to repeat yourself,” she said. “But, at the same time, if people love you in romantic comedies, you don’t avoid them all. You have just found the one who talks to you and says something. It was also the right time for me.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.
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Sarah Michelle Gellar smiling slightly.
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey in “Wolf Pack.”

    Rodrigo Santoro as Garrett Briggs and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey in "Wolf Pack" walking through a garage.
Rodrigo Santoro as Garrett Briggs and Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey in “Wolf Pack.”

“Wolf Pack” is based on a series of books by Edo Van Belkom and follows teenagers Everett (Armani Jackson), Blake (Bella Shepard), Luna (Chloe Rose Robertson) and Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) – brought together by circumstances mystery involving a California fire and the bite of a werewolf. Rodrigo Santoro (“Westworld”, “Lost”) stars as park ranger Garrett Briggs, Luna and Harlan’s adoptive father. Gellar, who also serves as an executive producer, plays arson investigator Kristin Ramsey.

“In the first two episodes, she’s there to figure out who started the fire…Later on, her motives will become clearer and more nuanced. I think it’s important to also note that one of our main characters is gay, and that’s how it is,” Gellar said, referring to Harlan.

“So often on these shows, he’s a secondary character. Or if it’s a main character, there’s big talk about how his sexuality affects the family. I remember in “Buffy” there were arguments when Willow fell in love with Tara. People were like, ‘I don’t know if we want to do this. You have to explain yourself! But now there’s this normalization of [Harlan’s] sexuality on this show that I have never experienced before. I love seeing how it has evolved.

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey in "Wolf Pack" standing under an "emergency" sign.
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey in “Wolf Pack.”

Tyler Gray as Harlan Briggs, Chloe Robertson as Luna Briggs, Armani Jackson as Everett Lang and Bella Shepard as Blake Navarro in “Wolf Pack”.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey in "Wolf Pack."
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Kristin Ramsey in “Wolf Pack.”

Gellar’s long resume includes her Daytime Emmy-winning role in “All My Children” and films such as “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Cruel Intentions.” She took a step back from Hollywood after her 2013 CBS comedy ‘The Crazy Ones’ (starring the late Robin Williams) to focus on raising her two children with husband Freddie Prinze Jr., 46. . But now that her kids are 10 and 13, Gellar is ready for her comeback.

“In the back of my head, I always intended to [return],” she said. “I knew I would know when the time was right, and it started to feel that way before COVID. And then the pandemic hit and it was like, ‘Oh, here’s that idea!’ But during [that time], I’ve come to realize that whether it’s new shows you’ve watched or older shows you’ve discovered, how much storytelling has helped us through this time. I wanted to be part of that culture again. And my children are older now. Just kidding, they leave me more often than I leave them.

Gellar, who is focusing on “Wolf Pack” at the moment, said, “I’m going slower; my days of three projects at a time are over. She is a fan of the HBO anthology series “The White Lotus” and enjoys appearing on the show: “Me and everyone in the universe, I’m sure!”

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