Saskatchewan NDP outlines priorities ahead of fall session

The Saskatchewan NDP outlined its priorities ahead of the fall session, saying it was focused on what it heard on its doorstep.

“Governments can’t serve people if they don’t listen to them first,” NDP Leader Carla Beck said Tuesday in Saskatoon.

Beck said she and her team traveled across the province listening to people.

“After 16 years in Sask. A party government is a government that has lost sight of the people it is supposed to serve.”

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She said Saskatchewan. The party’s priorities did not match those they had spoken with.

“We hear concerns about a government that seems more intent on dividing than actually solving problems, quick to point fingers and make excuses. »

Beck said one in six people in the province don’t have a family doctor.

She added that families are also struggling to save money.

“Health care and cost of living, those are the issues my team will be laser-focused on heading into the session.”

She said those are the two issues most important to people she has spoken with in the province.

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Beck said he’s heard from residents that they’re looking for leaders who are willing to step up and solve problems instead of creating divisions.

“This summer, I don’t know how much Saskatchewan. Party spent on billboards trying to tell you your life was better instead of actually making it better. One of these billboards was just outside the Regina Food Bank, a food bank like other food banks in the province that has seen a record number of people using the food bank in 40 years.

Beck said there are many other issues worth addressing, but said affordability, access to employment and health care are a priority.

PKBNEWS contacted Saskatchewan. The party government established its program before the autumn session and received a declaration.

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“As Premier Moe said, our government’s goal is to build and protect Saskatchewan – to continue building a strong economy, strong communities and strong families, and to protect everything we have built together against threats like federal intrusion and economic challenges like inflation, as well as protecting parental involvement in education.

The province added that the Speech from the Throne will be delivered on October 25.

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