Saskatoon implements flood control in Churchill Park – Saskatoon

A dry storm pond was opened Thursday in Saskatoon’s Churchill Park to allay residents’ fears of flooding.

The pond is one of nine flood mitigation projects the city is working on and will help prevent flooding at more than 50 properties around Ruth Street and Cairns Avenue, Bute Street and Munroe Avenue, Ruth Street and York Avenue, as well as Bute Street and Albert Avenue. .

The next pond will be built in Weaver Park.

“Dry storm ponds are extremely helpful in preventing flooding in historically flood-prone neighborhoods,” said Saskatoon Mayor Charlie Clark.

“These ponds help mitigate damage from weather events and can provide peace of mind to residents. The Churchill Dry Storm Basin will provide the same a*surance to nearby residents.

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“Through ongoing funding partnerships, we are able to build infrastructure that protects against more frequent extreme weather events. »

Mitch McMann, director of Saskatoon’s stormwater department, said the remaining seven stormwater ponds will be built and operational by 2027.

“With more severe and less predictable rain events, these projects are important to our residents. During a heavy rain event on June 3 this year, stormwater that would previously have flooded intersections and nearby properties instead drained into this dry storm pond. The new project has worked out very well and as expected,” McMann said.

The Government of Canada has contributed $21.6 million to Saskatoon’s flood strategy through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund.

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