Scenes from ‘The Crown’ The Royal Family Really Don’t Want You to See

After reading through “The Crown,” I’m left with one big question: Does its creator, Peter Morgan, really love the late Queen Elizabeth?

Over the past six seasons of the hit Netflix series, the Queen has been portrayed as a woman stuck in her pact with God and her duty to her country, and emotionally unavailable, even to those closest to her.

And now, for the series’ final batch of episodes, we have Imelda Staunton portraying Her Majesty as a tight-lipped, grumpy old woman in beige whose time is spent shooting her family members and feeding her Corgis .

Yes, we have reached the end. That is, the death of Princess Diana, and the problem is that the producers apparently ignored the truth for the sake of drama.

In reality, the truth about the royal family – with its affairs, machinations and fallout – is far more fascinating than anything Morgan could ever conjure up.

Oddly enough, a good source tells me that Queen Camilla is one of the only members of the royal family to watch “The Crown” – at least the first few episodes – while Kate Middleton, who will be portrayed in this final season, reportedly watched with her mother, Carole Middleton.

Elizabeth Debicki – as the ghost of Princess Diana – haunts Queen Elizabeth, played by Imelda Staunton, in the new season of “The Crown.”
Contrary to Staunton’s rigid portrayal of her, the Queen has always managed to keep a sparkle in her eye,” Hugo Vickers told Page Six.

And Hugo Vickers, a historian and friend of the royal family, told me that the late Queen was “tipped off” about the series by courtiers, while Prince Philip was “terribly upset” by an episode suggesting he was partly responsible for the death. of his sister Cécile in a plane accident.

This latest season is divided into two parts, with four episodes just debuting and six more airing on December 14.

“You can’t escape the fact that they’re preying on the souls of real people. It’s despicable,” Vickers said.

Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed in the elevator of the Ritz Hotel in Paris shortly before their deaths on August 31, 1997. “The Crown” suggests that Fayed asked for her hand in marriage and was shot.
The series chronicles the deaths of Diana and Dodi Fayed in a car accident in Paris.

“This queen looks so boring [and] nothing that resembles him at all. The Queen always managed to keep her eyes sparkling and her sense of humor even in the most difficult times – she didn’t slouch like that woman on TV.

“Imelda Staunton looks like a bored housewife, a real crosspatch, and therefore different from the real queen.”

Elizabeth Debicki plays the doe-eyed Diana, dipping her face so low to her chin that she might end up with a permanent crick in her neck.

“The Crown” depicts Prince Charles (right) as having to convince his mother to attend the state funeral of Princess Diana (seen here with young Princes Harry and William).
AFP via Getty Images
Elizabeth Debicki as Diana is joined by Will Powell as Prince Harry, Senan West as Prince William and Dominic West as Prince Charles in “The Crown.”
©Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection

Vickers is embarra*sed by the liberties taken in the final weeks of Diana’s life, before her fatal car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997, alongside her lover Dodi Fayed.

“The timeline of the last few days has been reviewed so many times that it is very easy to get this part right. But [producers] they don’t care about the accuracy of the details – they just want the drama,” he said.

Despite the series’ portrayal, Diana did not insist on leaving the Ritz Hotel and going to Fayed’s apartment; Fayed wanted to leave and concocted a plan to try to escape the paparazzi. (And as far as I know, she didn’t come back as a ghost, but Morgan resurrects her from the dead to visit her ex-husband, the Prince of Wales, and the Queen.)

Diana stunned in a now famous leopard print swimsuit in the weeks before her death.
Debicki recreated Diana’s famous swimsuit moment for “The Crown.”

Viewers see Fayed propose marriage and Diana quickly refuses.

Although Fayed purchased the gaudy “Dis Moi Oui” ring from French jeweler Repossi, his proposal was never proven.

“There was never any question of her marrying Dodi,” Vickers said. Indeed, the princess, in her last days, spoke about it to close friends; “I want another marriage like I want a bad rash.”

In fact, Vickers said, there is no need to fudge the truth when the real Diana was in a terribly dire state before her death.

“The impersonation of the character is so bad…Diana has to appeal to the American public, to her army of fans,” Vickers added. “’The Crown’ portrays her as so articulate, so united – which she certainly wasn’t at that time. She was descending into chaos in a terribly unstable way.

Prince Harry has made it clear that he will not watch the new season of “The Crown.”
Getty Images
Prince William’s romance with Kate Middleton will be depicted in new episodes of “The Crown.”
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Lord John Stevens, the former chief constable of London, led a painstaking three-year investigation into all aspects of Diana’s death before a coroner’s inquest before a jury.

He revealed that the producers of “The Crown” did not ask him for advice.

” Playtime [of Diana’s death] should be done with absolute certainty and not without reference to our investigation,” he told me, adding that his investigators looked into everything from whether Diana was pregnant to her yacht vacation with Fayed before their deaths.

“This is not an issue that should be trivialized and invented. Anything further than that is not right, for the memory of Diana and Dodi and those left behind.

As Page Six revealed this week, Prince Harry — who once said he watches and fact-checks “The Crown” — refuses to watch this season, which also dramatizes his final phone call with his mother.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will be played by Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy in “The Crown” later this year.
Justin Downing/Netflix

Even this is false.

While Diana is seen having an emotional call with her sons Harry and William, the latter said he and his brother were both busy playing with their cousins ​​when she called.

“Harry and I were desperate to say goodbye, you know, ‘see you later.’ If I had known now what was going to happen, I wouldn’t have been so blasé about it and everything else.”

Harry also said he regretted the brevity of the call.

“These things do no justice to anyone, nor to the memory of Diana,” added Lord Stevens.

“I spent time with the boys, Prince William and Prince Harry, one-on-one, talking about what happened, they wanted to know all the details,” Stevens said. “They know what happened, so it must be very difficult.”

Asked about criticism of the accuracy of “The Crown,” creator Morgan told Variety last month: “Never in any area of ​​my work has this been brought up as much as in ‘The Crown.’

“Everyone in Britain, whether they recognize it or not, has this level of sensitivity and attachment to this family, which is why it’s an absolute minefield for playwrights to explore. And yet playwrights are born to write about kings and queens. This is what we do.”

As for King Charles, who was then Prince of Wales (played by Dominic West), the series shows him castigating his parents for not paying attention to the public mood following Diana’s death.

“Charles would have been more concerned about his sons than the media spin,” Vickers said.

Lord John Stevens, who formally investigated Diana’s death for three years, told Page Six that “the Crown” was not doing “justice to Diana’s memory.”
Getty Images

A scene after Diana’s death shows Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip refusing to allow Charles to take a royal jet to collect his ex-wife’s body in Paris.

A furious Charles sends a message asking if she should come home in a Harrods van.

As royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith wrote in The Times: “Unlike ‘The Crown,’ in which Charles pressures his resistance-fighting mother and father to send a Royal Air Force plane to Paris to bring Diana’s body back to England, it was the queen. who sent the plane to France… The Queen also instantly decided that despite the divorce from Charles, Diana should be treated like a member of the royal family, with her own royal standard covering the coffin.

The only thing Vickers is happy about is that the producers did not include any of Mohamed Fayed’s allegations that the deaths of Diana and her son were organized by Prince Philip.

Debicki lowers her head so often while playing a doe-eyed Diana that it must have given her a stiff neck.

“On this issue, the real Prince Philip has maintained a dignified silence, although I think enough time has pa*sed for me to reveal that he once described Fayed to me as ‘a creep,'” wrote Vickers in the Times this week.

“Philip is the opposite of how Jonathan Pryce plays him,” Vickers told me. “He was such a wise man, he always had a long-term view, and they portray him as a curmudgeon.”

Lord Stevens added: “I wouldn’t dream of watching ‘The Crown’. I imagine I would be very angry if I saw things presented as damaging to Diana, to all the work we’ve done, and to the jury that spent six months on the case.

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