Scott McTominay Net Worth in 2023 How rich is he now?

how much Scott McTominayIts net worth?

So how much is Scott McTomin worth? According to our research, Scott McTomin’s net worth is $12 million dollars. Scott McTominayHis net worth is a result of his success as a footballer.


Scott McTominay

Total Value (2023)

$12 million dollars


football player

date of birth

8 December 1996


26 years old


193 cm (6 ft 4 in)


(193 lb) 88 kg

place of birth

Lancaster, United Kingdom


British, English, Scottish

Scott Mctominay net worth increase year by year

Net worth in 2023

$12 million

Net worth in 2022

$10 million

Net worth in 2021

$9 million

Net worth in 2020

$8 million

Net worth in 2019

$7 million

Net worth in 2018

$6 million


Who is Scott McTominay?

Scott McTominay, a 26-year-old professional footballer, has firmly established himself as a key player for Manchester United and the Scotland national team. Born on December 8, 1996 in Lancaster, England, McTominay is a towering presence on the field, standing 191 centimeters (6 ft 3 in) tall. He wears the coveted number 39 jersey and primarily displays his prowess with his right foot.

McTomin’s journey to football stardom began in the hallowed halls of Manchester United’s youth academy, where he honed his talent and developed into a formidable player. His persistence and dedication reflected his first-team place under manager Jose Mourinho. McTominay made his senior debut for Manchester United in May 2017, marking the start of a promising career at one of the world’s most iconic football clubs.

In the English Premier League, McTominay left an indelible mark, scoring 12 goals and providing three a*sists in 146 matches. His style of play is characterized by versatility, impeccable ball control and a strong tactical understanding of the game, making him a valuable a*set in both defensive and offensive situations.

Beyond club level, Scott McTomin’s international career has also flourished. He proudly represented Scotland at Euro 2020, a remarkable achievement for the national team, marking their return to a major international tournament after a long absence since 1998. McTomin’s inclusion in the squad and his contribution on the pitch underscore his importance as a midfield dynamo.

In short, Scott McTomin’s rise in the football world showcases his dedication, versatility and undeniable talent. As a midfielder for Manchester United and a key player for the Scotland national team, his career continues to grow, promising greater achievements in the coming years.

real name

Scott Francis McTominay

date of birth

8 December 1996


26 years old


193 cm (6 ft 4 in)


(193 lb) 88 kg

place of birth

Lancaster, United Kingdom




football player




British, English, Scottish

eye color

the blue

hair color

light brown

zodiac sign


s****l orientation



Frank McTominay, Julie McTominay


Cam reading



How old is Scott McTomin?

Scott McTomin will be 26 years old. He was born on December 8, 1996 in Lancaster, England. With his youth, McTominay has already achieved tremendous success in his football career and the future holds more promise for this talented athlete.

How tall is Scott McTominay?

Standing at a towering height of 193 cm, which is 6 feet 4 inches, Scott McTominay possesses a commanding presence on the football field. This height advantage allows him to excel in aerial duels, making him a potent threat during set-pieces. Apart from his height, McTominay maintains a strong physique, weighing 88 kg (193 lb). This combination of height and weight gives him the physicality needed to dominate the midfield, outmuscle opponents and contribute defensively and offensively.

physical characteristics



193 cm (6 ft 4 in)


(193 lb) 88 kg

What is the nationality of Scott McTomine?

Scott McTominay proudly represents the nationality of Scotland. Although he was born in Lancaster, England, he chose to play for the Scottish national team, honoring his Scottish heritage through his international football career. His commitment to the Scottish team has endeared him to Scotland fans, where he is regarded as a key player in their quest for success on the international stage. McTomin’s dedication to his adopted homeland exemplifies his pa*sion for the game and his desire to make a positive impact on the world of football.

Career in Scott McTominay

  • Manchester United Midfielder: Scott McTominay is a prominent midfielder who plays for Manchester United.

  • Impressive Club Career: He has had an impressive club career, making over 200 appearances for Manchester United and scoring 12 goals.

  • EFL Cup Victory: In the 2022–2023 season, McTominay was part of the Manchester United squad that won the EFL Cup, adding a prestigious title to his list of achievements.

  • Premier League debut: McTominay made his Premier League debut for Manchester United on 7 May 2017, coming on as a substitute against Arsenal.

  • Premier League Stats: In his Premier League career, he has featured in 146 matches, scoring 12 goals and contributing three a*sists.

  • Nationality and international career: Although born in England, McTominay qualified to represent Scotland due to the Scottish heritage of his father, a native of Helensburgh. He made his senior international debut for Scotland in March 2018 and played a key role for Scotland in the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament.

  • Historic Scotland Squad: In 2021, McTominay was part of the historic Scotland squad that competed in a major international tournament, marking the country’s return to such a competition since 1998.

  • Discipline: McTominay has maintained good discipline on the field, picking up just seven yellow cards and no reds in his career.

  • Infogle Player Rating: In the 2022/23 season, his performances were measured with an average Infogle Player Rating of 6.16, reflecting his consistency and contribution to the team.

Scott McTominay Achievements and Awards

Here are Scott McTomin’s notable awards and achievements:

  • Trophy achievements: Scott McTominay boasts an impressive list of trophy achievements in his career. Notably, he won the English League Cup and the U21 Premier League title.

  • Extensive club appearances: McTomin’s dedication to Manchester United is evident through his remarkable achievement of making over 200 appearances for the club. This demonstrates his enduring commitment to the team.

  • Historic Scotland participation: In 2021, McTominay played a key role in a historic moment for Scottish football. He was a key member of the first Scotland team to take part in a major international tournament since the memorable year of 1998. This achievement underlines his significance in the national team.

Summary of Individual Awards:

  • English League Cup winner: McTomin’s accolades include securing the coveted English League Cup, showing an ability to thrive on the big stage and contributing to his team’s success.
  • U21 Premier League Champion: He also holds the title of U21 Premier League Champion, indicating his talent and leadership qualities that have translated into victories at the youth level.
  • Over 200 Manchester United appearances: McTomin’s dedication and sk**l has led to an impressive number of over 200 appearances for Manchester United, a testament to his consistency and value to the club.
  • Representing Euro 2020: On the international stage, McTominay proudly represented Scotland at UEFA Euro 2020, showcasing his sk**ls as a footballer and contributing to his country’s footballing heritage.
  • Dual Nationality: Despite being born in England, McTomin’s eligibility to play for Scotland is attributed to his father’s origins in Helensburgh, Scotland. This dual nationality connection has allowed him to represent Scotland on the international football stage, strengthening his ties to the country.

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