Serena Williams’ father Richard, 81, is still in the process of divorcing his wife Lakeisha, 44, despite her demands for reconciliation

Venus and Serena Williams’ father is pursuing his divorce even though his wife claims they have reconciled.

Richard Williams filed court papers in Palm Beach County, Florida on August 21 saying he wanted to proceed with the divorce because his marriage to Lakeisha Williams was “irretrievably broken down.”

“I don’t want to reconcile,” he said.

The ‘King Richard’ subject file came two months after Lakeisha, 44, filed for annulment of their divorce because she believed they had reconciled as they had ‘regular weekly s*x “, say the court documents.

Lakeisha also claimed in her filing, submitted on June 9, that her ex-husband, 81, continues to “declare his love and commitment” to her and their family.

He said in new court documents that the marriage was “broken down irretrievably” and that he did not wish to reconcile.
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Richard and Lakeisha Williams watch the tennis in the stands
Lakeisha claimed in a previous filing that the two had reconciled.
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Additionally, Lakeisha alleged in the papers that any suggestion Richard wanted to take away from their marriage was the result of “undue influence from third parties” who would want to come between what she would inherit upon her death.

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Weeks later, the court said it would defer ruling on Richard’s motion to compel Lakeisha to mediate, writing in court papers that the two would have to determine whether they intended to proceed with their dissolution. .

Richard Williams
Lakeisha further stated that her ex-husband should undergo a mental competency test.
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Although the recurring couple have been spotted with their 11-year-old son Dylan, it seems Richard only intends to co-parent rather than get married.

Richard first filed for divorce from Lakeisha in May 2017 after seven years of marriage. He claimed in his original petition that she forged his name on a deed transfer and stole his Social Security checks.

He also claimed that Lakeisha abused alcohol.

Serena Williams hugs her dad with Venus by her side
Richard is the subject of the Oscar-winning film “King Richard.”
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“His malicious and fabricated allegations will be completely refuted in court, and they are alleged for the sole purpose of attempting to mislead the court into not awarding spousal support to his child and wife,” the lawyer said. from Lakeisha, Sandy Becher, to Page. Six at the time.

In her counter-petition, Lakeisha claimed that Richard exhibited both “hostile” and “abusive” behavior during their marriage.

Lakeisha and Richard were married on December 29, 2010.

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