Sibling rivalry fueled Maurice Abevi’s journey to MMA success


  • Maurice Abevi will take on Zhang Lipeng at One Fight Night 22.
  • Abevi, who has battled the odds throughout his life, credits his siblings for his abilities.

Lightweight MMA star Maurice Abevi has always been a fighter.
His pa*sion for combat sports led him to ONE Championship and his upcoming showdown against “The Warrior” Zhang Lipeng at ONE Fight Night 22 on Prime Video this May 3 at the Lumpini Boxing Stadium in Thailand.

Abevi could have given up on his MMA success, but with a constant fire in his veins, he thought of nothing else but chasing his dreams. Also, the budding star knew from an early age that academics were not going to be his forte as he thrived on more physical pursuits.

“I’ve always been into sports. I was always athletic, always trying to move, always trying to do something. I give my best when I am active” she said.

Abevi realized that lifelong feuds with his siblings also helped build his sk**ls. “We’ve always been competitive, and that’s a big part of my overall attitude. I think my brother was always a good fighter or a good footballer and that always made me angry. she added.

“I will always compete with him and try to get better. And it made me really hungry, even now.” However, unlike his brothers, the Tiger Muay Thai and 360 Martial Arts athlete took a different path by pursuing MMA, which led to where he is today.

Maurice Abevi overcame adversity and injury

After joining A championship While training in Phuket, Thailand for Tiger Muay Thai, Maurice Abevi suffered a knee injury that sidelined him for 18 months and derailed his career. However, he overcame those difficulties and stayed the course, eventually making his debut against Halil Amir in April 2023.

Although the results didn’t go his way, Abevi later had one of the most memorable fights of the year, returning to the winner’s circle that September by finishing Blake Cooper.

Now preparing for his most experienced opponent yet in Zhang, the 24-year-old looks to continue his upward journey on the world stage.

“Even during my injury, I knew there was no coming back for me. I know this is my way. I know this is my life and I can never give up. I feel so blessed, man. I know how many fighters would love to be in my position and I’m grateful.” she said.

And if he wins, Abevi will be able to continue his trajectory and make a strong mark in the lightweight MMA division, as he aims for the coveted belt.

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